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Alison POV

"Why hello freaks," I greet CeCe and Hanna when they come into the Den, making Hanna blush majorly.

Emily walks in the front door, "hey babe I got the ingredients-oh hey! How many was that? 4? 12?" CeCe chuckles, "I don't know. Han, how many times did you-" "CHARLOTTE!" Hanna whines and I giggle, walking over to Emily, grabbing the bag of groceries, "thank you handsome." I go up on my tippy toes and peck her lips, making her grin.

"Mhm. Oh, and you forgot these." Emily pulls a bouquet of roses out from behind her back. I gasp, "oh my goodness Emily. What's the occasion?"

She smiles, handing them to me before she shrugs, "no occasion. Just thought you might like them."

"Like is an understatement. They're beautiful. Thank you," I tilt my head in awe of my girlfriend who smiles at me lovingly.

"Anything for you Princess. Now, let's get cooking. Margherita Pizza you have met your match." Emily lays out the ingredients and I smile at her adoringly.

"Dude, you can cook?" CeCe questions and Emily scoffs, "bro. I'm the cook."

I giggle and hug Emily's side, "we're making dinner for the 4 of us. Team Emison coming to the rescue," Emily smiles down at me, "you're so cute."

I shrug, blushing, "I try my best."

CeCe and Hanna roll their eyes and put the TV on, settling on the couch while Emily and I prep everything.

"Hey Ems how's that dough coming?" I ask while I get the vegetables and mozzarella ready. "Good."

I turn around and Emily is kneading the dough, making my smile, totally in love with all of her being. "What are you looking at? Pervert." Emily smirks and tosses flour at me.

I gasp when it hits my shirt and raise an eyebrow, a playful smirk on my face, "oh you are so dead!" I grab a handful and slap it on top of her head, watching the white powder splatter and drizzle down her face.

Emily stands still and stares at me, a sly smile on her face.

"I see how it is. How's this." She throws it in my face, making me gasp and screech when she lifts me up, throwing me over her shoulder.

"Emily Fields you put me down this instant!" I squeal and Emily laughs and slaps my ass, most likely with flour on her hands to leave a hand print.

"You guys are children!" CeCe shouts, making me cry out, "SHE DID IT NOT ME! EMILY!" I squeal when she carries me upstairs, throwing me down on a bed, tickling me as I scream.

"EMILY STOP!" I scream out and she chuckles, leaning down to kiss me. I smile into her lips and cup her cheeks. I giggle and squirm when her hands continue to touch me in my most ticklish spots. 

Then she stops.

She holds me in her arms and kisses my cheek, "I love you."

I smile, "I love you too," I whisper, staring wondrously into her brown eyes as she stares at me, shining at me that goofy smile of hers, "what?"

I shake my head, "I just...cannot believe you're real. We're real. I have you and you have me." Emily tilts her head, slightly confused while I stroke her cheek, smiling in awe at my girlfriend.

"You okay?"

I take in a deep breath and nod, "yeah I just...I'm sorry I don't know what exactly came over me." She nods, her eyebrows furrowed, "okay." She brushes my hair behind my ear, her eyes overlooking every inch of my body.

"God you are so beautiful. My gorgeous Princess." I blush and groan, "Emmy! You can't say those things!"

She chuckles and kisses my cheek, "it's just the truth." 

"Yo! Love birds! We're hungry!"

I roll my eyes and Emily grins, kissing my lips quickly, "time to feed the children."

I giggle and we make our way downstairs, into the kitchen. By the time we finish cooking dinner and everyone is eating, I hear CeCe talking with Emily.

"Bro I saw them the other day. They think they're real bikers. It's a joke!" 

I glance over and Hanna sighs, "I told you. Biking, Havoc Riders, it's all they talk about," Hanna murmurs and I watch as Emily nods, "we can show them some real shit. Bro we gotta get bikes though. I'm having withdrawals being away from my Harley."

CeCe nods, "we should talk to Aric and Leo. They'd jump on anything to get us on bikes again. Dude we can have a life here-" "okay enough." I stand up, walking over to them and Emily looks up at me nervously.

"Excuse me?" CeCe says and I scoff, "you are not going to 'show them some real shit'. Or so help me God, I will kill you both myself. You," I point at Emily angrily, "if you get a damn bike and wind up hurt, I will show you what real pain is. Understand?" I hiss at her with venom and Emily nods furiously, "y-yeah. Sure. I won't get hurt. Promise."

I sigh, closing my eyes as my heart pounds against my chest. When I sit back down with Hanna she smiles gently, "it sucks that this is the life you're dragged into."

I nod, my heart rate speeding up quickly as I think about Emily on that bike, possibly falling off or getting into fights...

"We're home! Hide the beers!" Mom shouts and Aric chuckles, looking around the house, "house seems fine. No explosions?"

I smile proudly, "nope. Just hanging out. Emily and I made pizza. From scratch." Sophia chuckles, "that damned kid has always been a good cook." 

Emily chuckles, putting her arm around Sophia's shoulder, "hey, without my amazing cooking skills, you'd be starving." Sophia nods with a light laugh.

"This is very true."

Emily and CeCe grin as they talk to Aric and Leo, then I hear Aric laugh, "you want new bikes? We'll get you new bikes. No problem. Glad you wanna get back into it Em. CeCe, your patch in is coming kid, don't you worry."

I sigh and Sophia rubs my hand, "don't worry about her."

"Who?" I ask and she shoots me a look, "Emily. Don't play dumb with me Star. I know you're a smart one. You're worried about her. Emily's a strong one, she'll be fine. One of the strongest I've ever seen, to be honest. Right next to your father of course."

I smile weakly, "I just-" "you are just like your mother. Worrying. Don't worry as much, Alison. She will be strong. I made sure of it by the time she was 11. Kid survived my tests, she can survive anything."

I chuckle and nod, "thank you."

"Of course. Although her outer self is strong, I can't promise that for her heart, Alison. She can be fragile. More fragile than you think. Why do you think I kept being so negative about my cancer? I didn't want to get Emily's hopes up. She always sees the best in people, the lighter side. I don't want to see her start to see what the dark side looks like. Now, you're my granddaughter, but Emily is like a son to me-" "Sophia. I'll take care of her, I promise."

She stares at me and sighs, nodding.

"Now on the other hand, she hurts you, you come to me and I'll nail her ass to a wall and cut her balls off."

I scoff, chuckling, "well okay then. Sounds like a deal."


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