Always Mine

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Alison POV

I attempt at opening the front door quietly but once we walk inside, we are met with a whirlwind of hell.

"WHERE ON GOD'S NAME HAVE YOU BEEN ALISON LAUREN DILAURENTIS!" Mom runs over, her voice enraged, veins in her neck popping out.

I gulp and Emily grips my hand from behind. "M-Mom I can explain-" "you sure as hell better. It is 11 AM and it is Saturday. You know when you left? YESTERDAY!"

Aric comes downstairs, a more than displeased look on his face as he stares Emily and I down. "Welcome home. You alright?" He asks me, the softness in his voice making me queasy. 

I nod hesitantly, "y-yeah. Fine."

He nods, "good."

When he turns to Emily, he instantly attacks, pinning her to the wall. "You better have a damn good reason to have my daughter home the day after I let you take her out of my sight Fields."

I shout, "DAD LET HER GO!"

Sophia walks over, coffee in hand while Leo joins Aric, both yelling at Emily while Emily does nothing. She stays completely calm.

"Oh please boys. Let Emily go before you both pop a blood vessel," Sophia sips her coffee while Aric grunts, both men letting Emily go while she sighs, "I'm sorry, alright? We just...lost track of time and we got a hotel room. I promise she wasn't hurt. I protected her as you instructed."

I smile at Emily, gripping her hand as Hanna runs downstairs, Charlotte emerging from the kitchen, nibbling on a cookie.

"I don't want to know what happened but nonetheless. You're grounded."

"WHAT?! Why!" I argue but shut my mouth when I realize I yelled at Mom. She stares at me, "you've never done this Alison. Not even calling? I was worried sick. We all were. Your father nearly called the entire club up here to search for you."

I stare at my feet, nodding, "what's my punishment."

"I expect no dirty dish piles in the sink for the next week, as well as doing your own laundry for a change. And Emily, you will take out the garbage for a week and vacuum the floors around the house, understood?"

"What? Why me?"

Mom chuckles, "because I promised your mother I would treat you as my own. Both of you disobeyed the rules and you both will pay for it. Now. Before your father explodes I suggest you both get to your rooms."

We nod, walking upstairs without a word until I get to my room and Hanna comes in behind Emily, Charlotte behind Hanna.

They grin at us, "so...what were you two doing in a hotel room?" Charlotte smirks and Hanna snorts, "each other, perhaps?"

I blush deeply as Emily sighs, "guys. Really?"

She puts an arm around my shoulder, her lips pressing against my temple. "You guys so had sex."

I groan, "Hanna."

"EEK! YOU DID!" She screeches and Charlotte groans, "Jesus Hanna everyone can hear you."

Emily scoffs, "yeah. Dogs can hear you Hanna. Sounding like a fucking dog whistle."

I laugh, as does Charlotte and Emily, which earns the two slaps to the head, Hanna only smirking at me, "I'm sure a lot of people heard you last night, huh?" Her wink unsettles me as I stand up, "you can leave now."

"Oh my gosh! Emily Fields you swiped her V-card you sly dog!" 

I close my eyes and shake my head, "goodbye Hanna." I shove her out and Charlotte shrugs, laying on my bed, "your bed is so comfy."

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