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Emily POV

Waking up the next morning felt different. I felt happy for once. Like my body is waking up. I feel normal again. And it's all because of the blond lying on my chest.

I run my fingers through her hair gently and smile down at her.

"Morning," she rasps out and cuddles more into my body.

I grin and wrap an arm around her, smiling down at her.

"I've missed this," I whisper and she lifts her head, peering up at me, her gorgeous plump lips playing a sweet, cute smile.

"Me too handsome."

"WHAT THE HELL!" Mona comes barreling into Alison's room, her face fuming.

"M-Mona," I sit up and Alison follows, holding the sheet above her chest.

Her brown eyes are ablaze and I feel guilty, but really not all that much. I just shrug and stand up, "Emily," Alison scolds but I pull on boxers, "what is going on here? Emily you're with me, remember?"

I frown, "actually no. We were never dating, Mona. We were just friends with benefits, hookups, remember?"

She stares at me angrily and rolls her eyes, because she knows I'm right.

"But you hookup with her?"

I glance at Alison who stares at me the same way she did when she first woke up from the accident. Like she had no idea who I was.

"Well..." "Yeah. But it wasn't a hookup, Mona. Emily loves me and I love her. We're together." Alison gathers up her clothes and dresses while I put on a shirt.

"Right, Emily?" She grabs my hand, her eyes gazing deep into mine.

I stare at her, then glance at Mona awkwardly.

As much as I love Alison and missed her...she put me through crap. Absolute crap. Maybe a relationship isn't what I need right now. I mean, I'm in a frat. There's girls all over me all the damn time.

"Emily?" Alison pushes, nudging me. I snap back to reality and gulp, "well...we didn't get to talk about it...our emotions last night were pretty high and-" "ha! She doesn't even love you!" Mona grabs me, "come on Em-" "wait, hold up." 

I bite my lip and look down, feeling Alison squeeze my fingers and stare at me nervously. 

"I...look, Ali I love you but...I've been through shit after you woke up in that hospital. You can't just expect everything to go back to the way it was...right?"

She tilts her head and frowns, her heart visibly breaking, "but I thought...Emily I lost my memories-" "OF ME! ALI YOU LOST YOUR MEMORIES OF ME!" 

She jumps back, Mona also surprised by my sudden outburst. My fists are balled up as I glare Alison down, all of this pain and anger swirling through me like lava out of a volcano.


She tears up and I feel someone grab my arm, "woah Em, relax."

"What's going on?" Lauren jogs into the room and I stare at her, then grunt, "you."

Camila joins Lauren's side but I march over and grab Lauren by her jacket and slam her to the wall, "you stole my girlfriend! And after everything I told you, you just go and cheat on her?!" I punch her across the face.

"EMILY!" Alison cries and runs over.

I ignore her and continue beating up Lauren but she eventually shoves me off and punches me in the face.

I stumble and wipe the blood off my lip, then swing at her and knock her down.

"Emily STOP!" Alison slides between me and Lauren as I raise my fist again.

She raises her hand up, her eyes wide with fear and worry. Once I see Alison, however, I shut down. All of my anger melts at the sight of her looking so fearful, as if I was the bad guy.

"You're better than this. Emmy this isn't you," she cups my cheek and observes my features.

I close my eyes and nod, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. It's okay." She kisses me and I close my eyes, allowing the feeling to take over before Lauren groans, sitting up.

Alison turns to her and they look at each other, "Ali I'm so so-" Alison punches Lauren, knocking her back to the ground, blood spurting from her lips.

She stands up, "that's for cheating on me."

She swings her arm back, backhanding Camila who screeches and falls into Hanna.

"And that, is for sleeping with my girlfriend," Alison hisses at the short brunette.

She looks to me and crosses her arms, "so what does that mean for us? You're done? Just like that?"

I sigh, "we're in college, Alison. We both need to experience college. Plus, after putting me through hell, I don't think I can do that again." "But Emily-" "Alison, please. Look. I want to be with you...but I don't want any strings. We need to set down rules."

She frowns, staring at me, "rules?"

I glance at Mona who smirks, "I know where this is going. Friends with benefits, sweetheart. She wants to be around you, just without the drama."

Alison looks at me with a pained expression, almost betrayed. I hang my head, "we're in college Ali, you're in a sorority and me in a fraternity. Girls come to me all the time. I just...I'm just looking for a good time."

She gulps, "you're right."

I perk my head up, "I am?"

"Yes. I've put you through so much, I get it. Maybe we just need a break from relationships."

Her response shocks me but I nod, "exactly."

She nods and looks at Mona, "all 3 of us, then. Tonight."

Mona and I glance at each other, "wait, what?"

Alison shrugs, "if we have no feelings involved in this thing and we're just having sex, might as well have a threesome right? And if we really don't want to catch feelings, what better person to do it with than Mona?"

Mona looks at Alison and smirks, "maybe you are Tri material after all...literally." She chuckles and high fives Alison, then they both look at me, "well?"

Lauren, Camila and Hanna all watch in curiosity and Hanna just seems confused but not against.

I look back at the 2 hottest girls I know and chuckles, slapping my arms to my sides, "why the hell not, I'm in."

They clap and giggle, hugging me. we have a 3 way friends with benefits relationship?

This is going to be interesting.


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