Make Me Cry

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Alison POV

By the time lunch rolls around, I find Emily walking alone, holding her head high and I see people back away from her in fear that she might lean over and bite their heads off right then and there.

I pick up my pace until I catch up and grab her arm, "hey. You've been ignoring me all day...what's wrong?" 

She scoffs and glances down at me, then pulls her arm away, "why would you care? You're not my girlfriend right?" She storms away from me and I stand there, totally flabbergasted at what just unfolded in front of me and everyone seems to see, some girls staring as Emily goes down the hall.

One smirks and I walk after her and snap at a girl, "she's taken." The girl and her group instantly shrink back. Sophomores. Definitely.

I floor it to the cafeteria, only to see my girls waiting for me at our table. "Howdy troops," I say and they grin at me before standing up. We walk to the lunch line until I am stopped by a squealing blonde wrapping her arms around my neck. "Guess what guess what guess what!"

I raise an eyebrow with an amused smile and chuckle, "you...won a million dollars?"

Hanna scoffs, "I wish. No. I just met the hottest guy." I glance at the girls who seem to have their attention caught by now. "Who?"

She squeals, "Sean Ackard. He is so hot, Alison like I can melt. And he's so sweet-" "Sean? Hanna you can't," Spencer whispers as I feel my blood turn ice cold.

She frowns, "why not?"

"Because Alison like, dated him."

Hanna's eyes widen as she looks at me, "oh my gosh Ali I'm so sorry-" "No it's fine! We dated in like 8th grade, Hanna. Girls stop being so dramatic." I flip my hair over my shoulder and smile, "he's cute. But you should know he's totally a prude. I mean, I'm waiting until I find the right one, but he is waiting until he gets married. He won't do anything. But he's a good guy. Go for him."

Her excitement seems to drain out as she listens and she only frowns, "I just...I can't find anyone that I like! Back home the only person I ever liked was...well..."

"CeCe?" I ask and she groans, covering her ears as she whines out loud, "don't say Voldemort's name!"

Aria giggles as we get trays and buy our salads, heading to our table. "Where's Emily?" Hanna inquires and I shrug, looking around, "who knows. She's pissed at me anyways."

Everyone winces, "yikes. What for?"

I sigh and rub my temples, "I kind of called her out on us not being official. I said 'I'm not your girlfriend' to her face..."

Hanna and Spencer "ooh" with grimaces and I only groan loudly, "I know! It was stupid! But she got so jealous over Noel just got messy. I wish I could take it back but...I really want to know if we are going to be official or if we're just 'talking'".

Aria gasps, "god forbid that horrible word. 'Talking'. It's so stupid."

I nod along and see Emily walking with a tray of food so I scream out, "EM!" She looks at me and rolls her eyes but I can see she doesn't know where else to sit so she comes over and sits next to Hanna, eating her food in silence.

I pout and glance at her ever-so-often but she doesn't look at me for a second.

"Hey Blondie." Noel comes up behind me, his arms on each side of my body as he leans into the table, his face only about a foot from the back of my head while he speaks.

"So. Party tonight. Game room as always? Our whole group will be there DiLaurentis. And I know you never fail to find a good time." He nudges me playfully as I blush from under his arms and Spencer winks at me, then grins, "game room. Bring your best Kahn."

Noel grins ear to ear, "sounds like a deal Hastings. Montgomery." He looks Hanna up and down, "who's the new addition?"

I smile, "that's Hanna Marin. Don't corrupt her Kahn. She's almost-innocent."

"Almost," Hanna points out with a smile so bright, the room seems to add 100 more lights to the ceilings.

"I like that. You should come with your new friends." He takes a side glance at Emily and looks back at me, "you can bring your bodyguard too."

With that, he walks away, over to the guys' table where they're throwing fries and chicken strips at each other.

Spencer, Aria and Hanna all talk about where we will meet before the party and like always, I know it will be my place. I get up and sit next to Emily, placing my hand on her arm, "will you please talk to me, Em? I'm dying over here."

She sighs and shakes her head, shoving another fry into her mouth before I speak again. "Look. I'm sorry I shut you down like that. It was cruel and heartless and not me."

"Sure seemed like it."

I feel my heart slightly crack as I shake my head, "the me you met in Kentucky is the real me, Emily."

"So you're just fake here? Like every girl as my old school?" Her eyes shoot daggers through my heart and I feel like crying right then and there but I hold my composure as I gulp a lump down my throat.

"N-no. This is me too but I just...I got mad...and hurt. I..." I close my eyes, sighing in defeat as I confess, "I don't know what we are and that scares me. I'm scared that you'll see a girl and just hook up with her because we're 'just talking'. Or we're 'not official'. It's so scary and I do not want to lose the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't."

Her gaze softens on me and I can feel her arm relax under my skin as she slides closer and wraps an arm around my shoulder.

"I thought that it was just obvious. Alison I only have eyes for you. I mean it...this isn't exactly how I pictured asking you to do this but...will you, officially, be my girlfriend, Alison DiLaurentis...Moore?" 

My chest flutters as my stomach fills with little sparks when her eyes light up and her teeth show a beaming, meaningful grin.

I bring a hand to her cheek and pull myself in for a kiss.

When I pull away, I stare into her eyes, not breaking contact as I reply.




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