The War (Part I)

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1 Week Later

Emily POV

Early in the morning I'm sounded awake by movement outside.

I rise from bed and glance at the clock.

4:23 AM

My body pulls itself to my feet and I throw on a white tee shirt with my jacket, jeans and my black riding boots, then make my way downstairs, Aric coming from the kitchen.

"You heard it too?" I whisper and he nods, "Dad." He waves Leo out and we leave the house, Aric handing me a pistol as I hold it ready.

We cautiously walk outside and I look around but hear nothing and see nothing.

I glance at Aric and Leo who sigh.

Aric nods, "looks like it's clea-" he's cut off when someone knocks him out with the back of a gun.

I widen my eyes and run to him but I'm held back, someone strangling me, Leo struggling as a bag goes over his head.

"Let me go!" I scream and look at Alison's window.

I go to scream out to her to run but my mouth is covered by a damp rag. The smell of the rag is strong, and makes me feel woozy.

My eyelids flutter until they are completely shut and I collapse to the ground as everything goes black.

Alison POV

I wake up to my phone buzzing.

Today's the day. The war starts.

When I head downstairs I notice how empty the house is.

"Ems?" I say aloud and check her room upstairs.


"Dad? Mom?"

I check everywhere but nobody is home. Not a single. Person.

"Sophia?" I whimper, running to her room. "SOPHIA!" I scream and look around, desperate to have someone in the house.

I run out of her room but hit into someone.

I scream but my mouth is covered by a soft hand.

"Would you shut your mouth child, Jesus."

It's Sophia!

I pull away and hug her, "I thought everyone was missing."

"Everyone is missing. The Razors. They took them. Your mom, CeCe, Emily, Aric, Leo. Even Hanna."

I frown, "why not you?"

She rolls her eyes, "guess I was too old. Filthy ass druggers. I haven't even seen a gray hair yet!"

My lips curl up the slightest bit but I return to panic mode, "how do I get them back?"

"You have to rescue them. It's the war, this is how they're starting it."

Lauren enters the house, making me grunt, my anger running wild as I charge her, grabbing her and pinning her to the wall, "WHERE IS EMILY?! I KNEW WE COULDN'T TRUST YOU! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!"

Lauren rolls her eyes, "would you relax Blondie? I'm here to help. I woke up this morning and saw everything. I know where they are."

"How do I know this isn't a trap huh?" I can feel tears building in my eyes, "if anything happens to Emily-" "Alison. She'll be fine." Lauren's eyes go soft, sincere.

My heart throbs in my chest as I think about Emily. What if she's hurt? Or worse?

"I'm here to deliver a message from my father, though. You have until noon to find everyone or else he'll kill them. Starting with the person you love most."

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