The Rescue (Part II)

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Emily POV

I continue down the road until I hear loud shouts and hollers. I slow down and hide my bike on the side of the pub.

I fix my jacket and make sure I still have a gun.

My eyes skim over the bikes lined up and then I spot windows. Everyone is circled around, chugging beers and throwing darts.

"You touch me and I'll be sure to rip your balls off douche beard."

I chuckle in relief of hearing Sophia's voice. I feel in my pocket and touch my pocket knife. 

I bite my teeth down onto my lips, then walk up to the different bikes. I skip three so that Leo, Sophia and Aric have them and start cutting the fuel lines to every bike I see. 

It takes a long time and when I finish sweat is dripping from my heat but I shake my head, wiping it away.

"Take that dumbass Razors," I mutter and walk into the pub, glasses over my eyes.

I scan the crowd and my lips pull up into a smug grin, "fellas. Hate to break up the party. But you have something of mine."

Bandana guy, Lauren's dad walks up to me, "Emily Fields. Have a beer."

I shrug, "I'm not particularly thirsty, thanks." I push it away but he chuckles, "I don't take no for an answer."

I take my glasses off and glare at him, "and I don't give in to peer pressure."

My smile returns as I find Sophia, Aric and Leo standing, looking more than bored and annoyed.

"Guys, let's go."

"With who's stuff? You don't have bikes here genius. You think your Fat Boy can get all 4 of you out of here?" He laughs in my face, his spit hitting my cheek.

I roll my eyes and wipe my cheek, "of course not. We're using yours." I signal them to run and Aric follows me with Leo.

Sophia smiles, "gentlemen." She throws both fists up on either side of her, knocking two guys out.

The Razors are caught off guard but charge outside right behind us, "GO GO GO!" I shout and start up my Fat Boy, leaving behind all of them to make sure they're okay.

They get on their bikes and start coming towards us but all stop due to the fact I cut their lines.

Lauren's dad stands up and they all look around as he drops his cigarette from his hand.

I smirk, "slick escape."

"Nice work 007," Sophia grins and speeds up, winking at me as she takes off ahead.

I chuckle and nod my head, then hear a loud explosion. I widen my eyes and look in my mirrors, seeing the pub go up in flames.

"Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit."

"What the fuck was that?" Aric shouts but I shake my head, "keep going just go!"

"Em! What's going on son?" Leo says and I lick my lips, "I cut their gas lines."

At a red light Aric and Leo look at each other, then break out into a fit of laughter.

"You smart little fucker," Sophia punches my arm proudly, making me smile, "really?"

"Em. Nice job," Aric pats my shoulder and once the green light shows, we start up again.

Aric laughs even more, "that'll show them to mess with the Havoc Riders. WOO!" He screams, pumping his fist in the air and I glance at Sophia who is smiling, admiring her son's happiness.

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