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Alison POV

"Thanks again Alison, see you next week!"

I wave her out, "don't forget our nutrition chart!"

I sit at my desk, pondering on what to do next. That was my last client of the day so I can just workout the rest of my shift.

"Alison! Line 4," Chris says to me and I nod, "thanks Chris."

I pick up the phone, "Alison DiLaurentis, how can I help you?"

"Hey baby."

Her voice is scared. She's about to tell me something.

"Where do you have to go," I whisper and Emily sighs, "it's only for a few weeks. Maybe less."

"Dammit Emily. Where," tears build yet again today and she sighs, "Brentwood High School. It's on Long Island in New York. I have to find the MS-13 members and arrest them."

My mouth goes dry, "MS-13? As in the gang? Absolutely not! Emily-" "Al I have to. Those kids in that school? They need me. I just have to go undercover for a little while. Look, we'll talk more over dinner, okay? I promise."

My heart hammers in my chest while I nod, "alright."

"I love you, Alison."

"I know. I love you too."

Hanna POV

"She was awake all night so she might be a little tired."

"She didn't sleep at all?" I croak and the nurse shakes her head in despair, "we caught her hoarding her pills and she tried to swallow 20 of them at once last night. She said that it hurt too much when we stopped her."

Instead of hearing the nurse out I rush to Charlotte's room and open the door, seeing Sophia by her side, talking with her.

She turns to me, "thank God you're here. Come." She grabs me and pulls me to the side. "She's getting worse. I don't know what happened but-" "it's my fault."

Sophia freezes and stares at me, her eyes obviously going cold, "what do you mean? What did you do Hanna?"

"It's Jordan. She's upset I'm with him and I know she's hurting-" "Hanna. That is not your fault. You love Jordan, you can't help who you love."

I glance at the blonde who's reading a book in her bead and nod, "the heart wants what it wants."


Furrowing my eyebrows, I turn back to her, "what if your heart doesn't know what it wants?"

"That's okay too," her hand rests on my shoulder and our eyes meet, "now go. She needs you."

I nod and slowly walk back inside the room, hearing the door shut behind me. Charlotte stares at me, "you came back."

"Did you doubt that I would?"

Her lips curl up slightly but then drop back down, "I'm sorry...about yesterday. I just-" "don't do that. Don't you dare apologize." I gently take her book and place it on the nightstand.

She watches me as I tidy up her room, "you don't have to do that every time you come, you know."

"Yes, I do. Because you are a pig so I have to make sure your room stays clean at least."

"Well thank you, then."

I open a drawer and see a photo inside. Of Charlotte and me. "This was a good picture."

I pull it out and Charlotte looks at it, "yeah. That was a good day."

"The best," I smile at her and sit next to her, "you looked so handsome in that suit. Prom."

She glances at me, her eyes burning color to my cheeks and I look at her, our eyes locking. She leans in and I lean in. My heart hammers in my chest and I feel her breath tickle my lips.

When we kiss, I feel like my heart lights on fire. Every nerve in my body just bursts and my face flushes. I can feel her tears mixing with mine on our lips. Charlotte pulls away, "no."

I sit there, frozen on the bed, my eyes shooting open at the coldness on my lips.

"W-wha-" "you have a boyfriend. I'm not...I can't...Hanna. hurts," she starts crying again and I gulp, "It's okay."

"No! It's not...okay. I can't do this, Hanna. I can't keep seeing you knowing that I can't be with you."

"What are you saying, Charlotte?"

She sniffles, looking up at me, "I'm saying that...maybe you shouldn't visit me...for a while..." My eyes fill up and I gulp, "so...this is goodbye?"

She nods, "for now."

I hug her and she hugs back, crying into my shoulder. I lay with her in bed until she falls asleep and once she does, I press a kiss to her forehead, "goodbye Charlotte."

Alison POV

"I still think that this is a bad idea," I whisper as I grip the sides of her jacket but she just smiles down at me, "I'll call you as much as I can, alright? I promise you, I'll be careful."

"I love you," I say before our lips press together and she nods, "I love you too Princess."

"If anything happens, you call me, alright?" She says to me and I nod, "of course. We'll all miss you."

"I'll miss my favorite people. I'll see you in 2 weeks, alright?"


We kiss once more before she walks to the car.

She gets into the car and drives off, leaving me waving at her from the front porch. Once she's gone I feel a large pain in my stomach.

I grab it, confused at first but it gets worse, sending me to the ground in agony. "AHHH!" I scream out in pain and cry.

"Alison? ALISON!" Sophia sprints over, "Star where does it hurt?" She whispers and I scream, "AHHHH! MY STOMACH!" I cry into her and she grips me tight, "you're okay. The kids are asleep. I'll call your mom. Let's get you to the hospital, okay? Come on."

She lifts me up and takes me to the car and we rush to the hospital, the pain inside of me unbearable.

"S-Sophia...what's wrong with me-AHHHH!" I scream and cry but she just starts talking to me to distract me. I can hear the fear in her voice, though.


"Well lucky for you, you're going to be just fine, Mrs. Fields."

"What's wrong with her? Why was she in pain?" Sophia grips my hand and I sit on the bed with my heart stammering in my chest, "don't tell me I'm dying."

The doctor shakes her head, "no, you're not dying. You're pregnant. Some abdominal pain isn't uncommon while pregnant. It could be that your body isn't used to having a single child instead of twins. Other than that, you are just fine from what the tests could tell. Congratulations."

I stare at Sophia in shock and she smiles at me brightly, then laughs, "oh my goodness. God bless you." She kisses me happily and I smile, "I'm having another baby? I'm pregnant." My eyes fill up again, only this time my tears are happy.

"I'm pregnant."



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