Drew Pov

During the whole flight Yn was shaking the whole time.

Drew- Could You chill out? lol

Yn- I will chill when we get to Haiti.

Drew- What are we gonna do there anyways.

Yn Pov

Yn- Help out. Feed the people. *Turns on video cam* Hey this is Yn and we are on our way to Haiti. *smiles and points the cam out the window* Isn't the sky lovely! *Points the cam to drew* Say hey Drew.

Drew- Hey.

Yn-*Points the cam towards lo* Well Lourdes is sleep so *turns it back around* I'll see you guys in Haiti. I hope you have fun on this journey with me. *Smiles and turns it off*

Drew- Really lol

Yn- *Smiles*

Jet Server- How are you guys this evening. It's time for lunch so what will you guys like to drink?

Drew- Wine please.

Yn- Can I have a apple juice and umm I guess I'll take wine.

JS- Coming right up.

Yn- Ok thank you. *Walks over to lo* Lourdes *whispers*

Lo- *Moves Alil*

Yn- Babe * whisphers*

Lo- Hmm.

Yn-*Picks her up*

Lo-*Lays on your shoulder*

Yn- Lunch Time *Rubs her back*

Lo-*sleepily* Lunchtime?

Yn- Yes *Gets up and walks around rubbing her back so she can wake up*

Lo- *Rubs eyes*

Yn- *Sits her at the table*

JS- Here are your drinks. Are y'all ready to order?

Yn- Yes. Can I get a chicken Nugget basket. With apple sauce and a Chocolate Milkshake. And a Season Salad with Ranch and A said of a baked potato.

JS- Yes Ma'ma. And You Mr. Hakeem?

Drew- Just the Double Bacon cheeseburger.

JS- Ok. Coming right up. *Leaves*

Yn- I didn't know that you had a cheif and a server on your jet.

Drew- *Smiles*

Lo- *Dozing off*

Yn- Lolo here take a sip of your apple juice. *Holds it out for her*

Lo-*Open her eyes and takes a sip*

Yn- You can sleep after lunch ok.

Lo- Ok.

JS- Your food is ready.

After we ate and talked Drew was dozing off and Lo was asleep on my lap.

Yn- *Pulls of video cam* Well guys they left me hanging on this scary jet. *Points the video towards Lo and rubs back* Mama loves you *Kisses her cheek* I hope you are having a sweet dream.

Lo-*Smiles in her sleep*

Yn-*Points the cam towards Drew and smiles* I hope you are too. *Cuts it off and look at the window still rubbing lo's back*

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