Yn Pov

  When I woke up I was in a comfy,soft bed...Andrew must laid me here last night.The smell of breakfast was teasing my baby and me.As I scooted out of bed still dressed I managed to walk downstairs.As I got closer I saw a medium height, hazel eyed, brown hair girl.At first I thought she was the maid but as I got closer..alittle too close,I saw Andrew wrapped his arms around her waist and rubbed her stomach........she was pregnant...........I wanted to break down and cry so I started walking up stairs. I was gonna just get my bags and go but before I knew it i heard..

The Girl-Andrew who's this freak in our house!?

Andrew-Oh uhh this is a girl who I saw on the street last night. She needed a place to stay.

Me-I didn't need help. You offered.

The girl-*Looks at him*

Andrew-Bae I was just trying to be a good person.

The girl-I understand *holds out hand* I'm Mia

Me- I'm uuuh umm umm...

****I can't tell them my real name! Andrew would freak if he found out!***

Me-My name is Maya *Shakes her hand*

Mia-So how far along are you?

Me-5 months.

Mia-Oh really! I'm 8. Lol yea this little wizzle is about to pop!

Me-Boy or girl?

Mia-Mamas boy lol.

Me- Hahah..

Mia-What about you?

Me-Both..boy and girl.

Mia-Oh wow!


Mia-So where's the dad?

Andrew-Mia privacy

Me-No she's fine.Um the dad lefted me when I told him I was pregnant *Tear* he said that he wasn't ready for kids. It was a different story at the park though.

Andrew looked like he was focusing on something.

Mia-The park???

Me-I've said too much already.

I turned around, and made my way back to the guest room.

(Andrew Pov)

That girl name is not Maya......it's Yn.....And she has twins..

(Yn Pov)

That night I walked down the stairs attempting to leave but I forgot that Andrew likes to drink milk late at night.....I felt so uncomfortable considering the fact that I had on short shorts really..Short!! And a tank top.

Andrew-Leaving so soon?

Me-Uh yea..your girlfriend and you deserve privacy.

Andrew came closer to me. I simply kept moving.

Andrew-She doesn't live here.

Me-Doesn't give you the right to take advantage of her. Don't inpregnant her and drop her.....it happened to me and I lost everything! *cries* my family disowned me,I have nowhere to go, the kids father doesn't want them!

Andrew-*whispers* I do want my kids Yn.

      OMG he knows I'm me!

Me-How did you know I was me

Andrew-The park.

Me- Well I can't stay here.You have a family.

Andrew-I want you to!

Me-You didn't want me nor my kids a month ago.

Andrew-I'm sorry  I'm was scared of our age differences!

Me-That isn't gonna cut it..I need to go.

Andrew-Please stay with me until I figure something out. I don't want my kids out on the cold streets.And you not eating.

Me- Fine. But no funny business I don't know If I can trust you again.*Walks upstairs*

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