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Yn Pov

Lo-Mommy where's prince?

Yn-I don't know honey.

Lo- Oh..

??? Pov

Prince- Man I'm stone.

???- It feels good to release all the stress.

Prince- Ikr.... Can't believe I'm having a kid.

???- It's gonna get hard. That's how I was. But it's gonna be ok boo. *Kisses him and passes him the weed*

Yn Pov

Me and Lo was just chilling on the couch having a bowl of coco puffs together until prince came in high.

Yn- Where have your ass been!

Prince- Yn u might want to get out of my face.

Yn- No! You are high, and you have red lip stick all on your mouth!

Prince- Hey lo baby *Tries to hug lo*

Yn- Don't touch my baby *grabs Lo and holds her*

Prince- Yn I told you to get out my face! *Slaps you*

Both Lourdes and I feel to the floor. And she hit her eye.

Yn- YOU BITCH! *Gets up and grabs princeton hair and kicks him where it hurts* I thought you where different but you're just like the others * slaps him*

Prince- *Pushes you back on the couch and starts choking you*

Yn-*Kicking around*

Lo- *crying hard and crawls to u*

When princeton was choking me I just felt like I was gonna die right then and there so I just held my hand out for Lo to grab as I started crying.

Yn-*Looking at lo with tears in your eyes*

Lo- *Grabs your hand*

Yn- *Stops breathing*


OMG whats gonna happen next??!

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