Yn Pov

- Thanks for the ride.

Prince- No problem

As I was about to get out prince called my name

Prince- Yn...

Yn-*Looks back*

Prince- I had a good time tonight...

Yn-Me to.

Prince-*Leans in*

Yn-*Leans in too*

Soon me and prince lips met.


Prince-*smirks* goodnight.

I got out of princes Benz and walked up to drew's porch. Yea he kept lo for me while I went on my dinner date with prince.


Soon drew appeared holding Lourdes. He looked super sleepy I could understand tho IT WAS 1:00 in the morning.

Drew- *Walks Lo to your car* She's super tired.


Drew-*Buckles her in and closes the door* *Leans up against the car* You look nice tonight.

I did look nice honestly. I had on a strapless lace black dress, my hair was straighten, I had on red lip stick with naked make up, and my black diamond hoops with my black diamond heels.

Yn-Thanks...*Looks down and plays with fingers*

Drew-*Sighs* look I'm sorry about yesterday night ightt?

Yn-*Still looking down* Ightt....

Drew-Why won't you look at me.

Yn-*Shakes head and looks up but looks the other way*

Drew-Well I tried. *Gets off the car and walks away*

Yn-*Gets in and drives off*

Why he gotta be sooo sooo uuuugh!? But I got prince now I don't need Drew. Lo does not me..

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