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Yn Pov
It has now been a month since I last saw Lo. I've been cutting myself since. But today im off work and I'm going over Drew house to get my baby back.

I had on my grapes (Jordan's) and black skinny jeans with a purple crop top. My hair was in a pony tail. I had on naked make-up. And my diamond earrings. When lo left she left her pink bear so I got that along with my cross over MK purse, phone, and keys to my all black Bentley.

Yn- "Versace Versace Madosa had on me like illuminati." I sang as I pulled up to drew's drive way.

When I knocked on the door Mia answered.

Mia- Oh hey Yn come in.


Mia- I heard about what happen. I truly understand.

Yn- Your not mad.

Mia- Nah i know it was a mistake.

Yn- Yeaaa..Is she her?

Mia-Yea right upstairs in the play room with Jaylan.

Yn- "Ok thank you." *I said as I followed her upstairs.

Mia- It's all good girl. She been feeling a little home sick.

Yn- I hope she's happy to see me.

Mia- Me too. *Knocks on the door*

Drew- Come in.

Mia- I have a visitor for you Lourdes.


Just hearing her voice made me tear up.

Mia-Steps out the way reveling me.

For a min or two we just stared at each other.Lo started crying and jumped in my arms.

Lo-*Crying* I'm so sorry for what I said. I didn't mean any of it. Please forgive me.

Yn-I forgive you.

Lo- *Hugs me*

Yn-*Hugs back* "I missed u. " I said rubbing her hair.

Lo- I missed you too.

Yn- You left your bear. I decide to bring it to you.

Lo-Thank you.

Yn-*Puts Lo down* I better go.

I walked half way out the room when I heard

Lo- Mommy wait!


Lo-I wanna come home.

Yn-Of course you can come.

With that Drew started helping me pack lo's stuff.

Drew Pov

Yn-I'm sorry.

Drew- For?


Drew- It's ok.

Yn- And I'll try to compromise with you.


When Yn was zipping up Lo suitcase I noticed her wrist.

Drew-*Grabs her wrist* What is this.

Yn-"Oh nothing." she says as she try to snatch it away.

Drew- I'm not stupid Yn. Y are you doing this.

Yn-"I'm not doing nothing." As she walked down the stairs with Lo suitcase.


Drew- What's up bae? *Picks her up*

Lo- Carry me to the car.

When I took Lo to the car. I saw Yn waiting.

Drew- *Puts lo in her seat* Bye *Kisses her forehead* So I guess I'll see you around.

Yn- Yeap

Drew-*Holds out arms*


Drew-*Hugs her*

Lo-Yo love birds. It's hot in this car.

Yn-"Lol hold on baby" she said

Drew- How about we got to Five Guys tomorrow. I never really got to buy your food or lo's.

Yn-Ok. Bye.

With that she hopped in her car and pulled off.

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