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Yn Pov

Prince- There....my work is done.


Prince- Could you shut up!!

Is he really talking to my baby like that!? Btw I'm not dead I just stopped breathing to make him think I was. Lol he got another thing coming.

Prince-*Goes up stairs*

Yn-*Whispers* Lo babe shhhhs


I went in the kitchen and grabbed a frying pan

Yn-*Tiptoeing up stairs*

Prince-*In the shower*

Prince was in the shower so I put baby oil all on the floor and just waited for him to come out.

Prince-*Turns off water*

Yn-*whispers* show time

Princeton stepped out and fell that's when I went crazy and started hitting him with the pan.

Yn- *Hits him in the rib cage* That's for cheating! *Hits him in the head* That's for touching my baby! *Hits him in the back* That's for trying to kill me! *Hits him in the nono area* THATS FOR JUST BEING YOU!

Prince-*Knocked out*

Yn-* Grabs him by the hair and throws him outside*

Lo- ...Mommy

Yn- Lo we have to move.

Lo- Where.

Yn- With daddy until I find us a new home ok?

Lo- Ok..

Yn- Ok let's go pack everything.

Lo- What about prince?

Yn- He won't be bothering us ever again.


Before I left I stuck a sticky note on princetons chest. It read:

By The Way False Pregnancy BITCH!

Yn-*Locks up house* Come on Lo.....let's go home.

Lo- I thought we were going to daddy's house?

Yn-*Looks at her and sighs*.........Home is where the heart is.


Enough for today. I have school.

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