Drew Pov

Yn- The..pregnancy was false.


Yn-Don't be mad please.

Drew- Why did you lie?

Yn- Because I was just mad at the time..*Looks down*

Drew- It's ok, don't cry.

Yn- Lol I'm not gonna cry..I'm tired of crying. My tears are gone..*Looks up*

Drew- *Smiles* So I think since your living here for awhile we should take a family vacation.

Yn- *Jumps up and down on the bed and claps* Yaaaas it'll be lo's first vacation!! Where tho?

Drew- I was thinking the Bahamas.

Yn- How about Haiti? Then the Bahamas.

Drew- Sounds good.

Yn-*Gets on phone* When are we going?




Yn- Drew!

Drew- I have a private jet and a condo so we straight.

Yn- How do you afford all of this, You don't work. Are you dealing?

Drew-Lol no. And I do work. I'm a singer/rapper.

Yn- Huh! How didn't I know this?! You aren't even big.

Drew- I am big I've just been on a 2 year break. I recently just got back out there when I told you to come to my show. And I hide it from you because I wanted to see were you real or not.

Yn- Whay do you mean? I am real.

Drew- And I know that now. Most girls wanted me for my money but you aren't like that.

Yn- *Smiles* Where are your parents?

Drew- Oh yea one more thing my parents live in Atlanta. And this is my house.

Yn- Your good at lieing. Lol I give you credz. Do they know about Lo?

Drew- Yes, they're dieing to see her.

Yn- *sighs* One day, One day. Hey, I have a question.

Drew- Shoot.

Yn- Can you help me get in the music business. You've know my dream was to always be an Artist.

Drew- Sure I'll help after our trip. Would you like to open up your own store saling your own designer clothes?

Yn- OMG you'll let me open up a store AND have my own brand. It isn't too much is it?

Drew- Nah I'm totally fine. It's time for your to become a BOSS like me. *smirks*

Yn- I've always been a BOSS. *Laughs*..... Ima be getting that dough! *claps*

Drew- *Laughs*

Yn-* Gets up and gets ready to walk out.. Looks at him* Thank You a lot drew.

Drew- You welcome.

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