So y'all im a lil pissed of -____-. I just got my iPad back so my stuff had to install and all that. So this whole time I've been doing them from my phone. Ok so like I did this beautiful long chapter for y'all and it's gone -__________- like wtf dude!


Yn Pov

Lo- *Stops*

Girl in the car-* Pushes breaks*

Lo-*Runs across*

Yn-Lo you have to start paying attention. Mommy was gonna lose it if you got hit.

Lo- I know I'm sorry

Yn-*Picks her up*

Drew- Oh about a milkshake?

Lo- With sprinkles?

Drew- With sprinkles.

Lo- Yeaaaaaa buddy!

Yn- Y'all do know it's just frozen milke. Right.

Lo&Drew- That's the good part about it!

Yn- Y'all are seriously crazy for milk.

Lo- Then we can go to Gigi's Cupcakes.

Drew- Fine with me.

So we ended up walking to this diner to get them a milkshake. And now i'm sitting at Gigi's waiting for Drew to bring me my cupcake.

Prince Pov (MB)
I walked in Gigi's to get me a cupcakes. I know what your thinking why is he here. Becuz she makes the best cupcakes.Then I saw Yn sitting at a table.

Prince- Aye

Yn- *Looks up from phone* Puffy!!! *Gets up and hugs me*

Prince- What did I tell you about puffy, fro, puff ball all those names. *Hugs back*

Yn- Lol whatever *Touch his fro*

Prince- Don't touch it takes like 4 hours to get this the way it is. *Fixes it*

Yn- Really? I thought you just woke up and went on with your day. *Ctuf*

Prince- *Glares at her* *Hits her arm*

Yn- You suppose to be spreading the peace but you hitting. Lol I'm sorry doe. What brings you here?

Prince- "Cupcake duuuuh....what about you?" I asked.

Yn-* Points to Lo and Andrew*

Prince- Oh.

Lo-*Has icing all over here mouth* PUFFFFFF! *Runs to me*

Prince-Loooooooooo! *Picks her up*

Lo- Why you here?

Prince- Y u here?

Lo- Cupcake

Prince- Ok then

Lo- You should get birthday cake.

Prince- That's my favorite.

Lo- Mines too.

Prince- What another one?

Lo-*Eyes widens with cheer* Yes!

Prince- K come with me.

Yn Pov
Prince should've never done that now she will be hyper allllll night.!

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