Drew Pov
Lo was knocked out but Yn wanted to play with her so she tried to wake her up. I thought it was a cute moment to record for her documentary.

Yn- Lolo *Shakes her alil*


Yn-Don't make me do it *Smiles*

Lo- *Opens 1 eye but closes it*

Yn- Ok I'm finna do it *sings*

If I ain't got nothing
I got you
If I ain't got something (I don't give a damn)
'Cause I got it with you
I don't know much about algebra (but I know)
One plus one equals two
And it's me and you
That's all we'll have when the world is through ('cause baby) * Tickles her* -GCO

Lo- *Smiles in sleep* Ok I'm open.

Yn- Lets play with your blocks.


Yn then sat Lo in her lap and started building a house with her. That's when she notice me recording.

Yn-Are you recording this? *Smiles*

Drew- Yea

Yn- Lo wave to the camera *Points to the cam*

Lo- *Acting shy*

Yn- Come on * Grabs her hands and waves them and smiles* Wave to our family. Say "Hello beautiful people"

Lo- "Hello bwetiful people"

Yn- *Smiles and lets Lo play alone*

Drew- OMG it's Yn everybody!

Yn- *Laughs but covers your mouth* Stop that.

Drew- *still filming* where are you going now?

Yn- To the polite room. *Walks away*

Drew-*Follows you*

Yn- Hey can I sit in the co-polite chair just for a sec.

CP- Sure *smiles*

Yn- *sits down and puts on the head phones* They see me rolling they hating *sings and laughs but covers your mouth*

Drew- Are you comfy?

Yn- Yes but I need to get back to my little muffin and he needs his seat back *smiles and gets up*

Polite- Before you go sir, we will be arriving in the Bahamas in less than an hour.

Drew- Ok.

Yn- *Smiles and hold thumbs up to the camera* Bahamas here we come!

Drew- *Laughs* Ightt, Cut

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