Yn Pov

Lo- *Crawls to your side of the bed and kisses your nose*

Yn-*Wakes Up* *Smiles* Morning my little morning puppy.


Yn-*Gets up and opens the curtains*

When I open the curtains I feel in love with the view. It had a big glass wall so you can see out into the beach. I saw paparazzi's sleeping on the beach. So I came up with an idea.

Yn- Wanna go onto the balcony babe?



Lo had on her pjs and I had on an over-sized white T-shirt with no make up and my hair was in a curly puffy fro. When we walked outside some of them were up taking pics of me and Lo and some woke up hearing all the noise and flashing.

Yn-Wave to the camera babe.

Lo-*Waves and lays her head on your shoulder*

Yn-*Waves and smiles*

Drew-*Sneaks up behind you* Well I see your revealing yourself.

Yn-*Jumps alil and turns around*

When I turned around Drew only had on pj pants

Yn-*Looking at his 8 pack*

Drew- Like what you see?

Yn-*Snaps out of it* Um no * turns around*

Drew-*Holds peace sign up to the cameras* You look beautiful in the morning

Yn-*Blushes* Thxs

Drew- I see u blushing.

Yn-*Cover your smile and looks down * Stop

Drew- Why do you cover your smiles? They're gorgeous.

Yn- *Looks away* I'm going to go take a shower. Do you wanna get in with mommy?


Drew- What about me?

Lo- Daddy please you better go to your bathroom.

Drew- And the old Lo is back.

Lo- Never changed.

Yn-Girl come on with your sassy tail.

Sorry about the long wait. I've been sick.)

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