So I'm getting a lot of question ask me am I gonna do a sequel to 14& Pregnant S. 2. At first I wasn't but since I'm getting all these questions i guess I'll just do one.

And here's your sequel! 😃 Enjoy.

Yn Pov

When I answered the door I didn't expect Drew!

Yn- Uhmm..hi.

Drew- Hi..*Rocking back and fourth*

Yn- *Close eyes* Oh yea, come in.

Drew- Thanks..* Walks in*

Yn- So why are you here.

Drew- Lourdes left here backpack over my house.

Yn- So Leah couldn't bring it?

Drew- Leah hasn't been feeling the best.

Yn- You could've called my mom to come get it.

Drew- Look Yn, It's only right if I bring it ightt so chill.

Yn- Mhm.*crosses arms*

Lo- Daddy!! *runs downstairs*

Drew- Hi princess *Picks her up*

Lo- What are you doing here?

Drew-I brought your backpack. *smiles*

Lo- Thank you. Leah still isn't feeling well?

Drew-*nodes* yea.

Lo- The baby is really giving her a hard time huh?

Drew- Uuh.yea


Lo- I can't wait until it gets here. But thx dad love you. * Kisses his cheek*

Drew-*Puts her down*

Lo-*runs off*


Drew- *Rubs head* Yn, Leah's pregnant.

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