Yn Pov
Me, Drew, and Lo were sitting at a table in 5 guys.

Drew- Yn there something purple below your eye. *Trys to touch*

Yn- Uhh no *Pushes his hand away* It's ok.

Lo- *Reaches and over and touches it*

Yn- L-Gco Ow!

Drew- Is that a bruise Yn?


Lo-*Looks at Drew and nods*

Drew- Who did this

Lo- R-Gco

Yn-Nobody I fell.

Drew-Lourdes continue.

Lo-Mommy boyfriend Roc.

Drew-*Looks at you* You have a boyfriend? He beats you? Have he touched Lo!?

Yn- Yes.Sometimes. No I would never let that happen. *Says in one breathe*

Drew-*Hits the table*


Drew-Do you try to fight back!

Yn-Yes but he is too strong!

Drew- Why are you still with him!?

Yn-I don't know ok!!!! Why do you care?

Drew- Your my baby mama!

Yn-*Mumbles* I don't want to be just a "baby mama" .



Lo-I heard that momma.

Drew- What she say?

Lo- Nun *Eats fries*

Drew- Tell me if he does it again.

Yn-Naah *Drinks Coke*


Yn-Cause your gonna act like your acting now. Plus it'll start drama and naaaah too much.


Lo- Boy poke yo lip in for I slap yo teeth down yo throat.

Drew&You- *Looks at her*

Lo-Lol! I watch Madea what you expect.

Yn- For now own yo watching Yo- Gabba- Gabba.

Lo-*Pouts* Do I have too that's for babies.

Drew-You are a baby.

Lo-*Throws a fry at him*

Drew- *Catches it with his teeth*

Lo- Omg you have to teach me that!

Drew-Lol one day.

Lo-Nah 2 day.

Yn-Y'all childish or nah

Lo&Drew- Or! *Throws fries at me*

Yn-*Mumbles* Childish

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