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So I'm second guessing about making a season two to 14&pregnant. No I'm just thinking it'll be way better if I just delete my account because all if the negative energy I'm getting about Lourdes. I don't reply to any of you guys comments but I do see it and it still hurts.... People are telling me that I'm a bad writer and I'm uneducated when in reality you don't know me. I'm an honor roll student. Have been forever. When I write, I get very wordy...When you guys ask me to update I don't feel like doing it but I get over my laziness and I do it. Somedays it takes me HOURS to write a chapter because I want my stuff to be right, perfect. And I'm don't usually let things get to me easy but it's hurts when someone tells me that "You just need to delete your book" and stuff like that. I try my hardest to stay strong for the people who actually likes it. On another note, Lourdes, she's note meant to sound grown AT ALL. I just think it's really cute when babies have a sassy mouth.Why? I don't know. But what people fail to understand is that I'm not three. I'm not a mom. I'm an author. And I put whatever I want in my books. It's just when people get mad at me and very disrespectful towards me it makes me really upset. And if I do respond to the negative comments I never be disrespectful back because I have more respect than that. So at this point I honestly don't know anymore.

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