Yn Pov

Yn- Drew!! *Yells Upstairs*

Drew- What's Up?! *Yells Downstairs*

Yn- Are you finished getting dressed yet? * Yells upstairs*

Drew- Nah one minute *Yells downstairs*

Yn- *Looks at lo* your father is such a female.

Lo-*Nodes head* Fully agree.

Me and Lourdes was already dress unlike Drew whom is taking hours! I had on an acid washed skater skirt with a black crop top with pink and white tiny flowers on it and some black diamond sandals. My hair was in spiral curls all the way down to the middle of my back with so black glitter eye shadow on. Also I had on a black chain with some pink lip gloss on. Lourdes had on a green skater dress and some gold sandals with her hair in a bun with a gold bow on it. She had on her gold neckless that said "LoLo" on it with some lip balm.

Drew- Ok I'm ready.

Yn- All that time for..that?

Lo- Forreal! *Looks him up and down*

Drew had on some white jeans and a blue tank top with palm trees on it and a gold chain with a gold watch and his white SnapBack with his gimme blue Jordan's.

Drew- I think I look fly.

Lo- I think you gone be hot.

Yn- Lets just go. I'm starving.

Lo-Momma people in Africa is starving, you just hungry as h-GCO

Drew-*Covers her mouth* Come on. We'll take the golf cart.

Guard- Will you need us today sir.

Drew-Nah I think I got it today.

G-Ok. Be safe and just call for help or anything.

Drew-Ok. *Walks outside holding lo*

Yn-*Grabs MK crossover purse*

Drew-*Gets Call* Hello?

Mia-Hey babe, where are you.

Drew-Uh hey and the question is where are you. You just disappeared.

Mia- I'm um in L.A.

Drew- Where's J?

Mia- I guess with his dad. I haven't saw him in months.

Drew- Really Mia!

Mia- I've been going through something's ok!!

Drew- When I get back in L.A. we'll talk right now isn't the time goodbye. *Hangs up*

Yn-Who was that.


Yn-Oh. *Looks down and walks to cart*

Drew-Are u upset now. *Gets in golf cart*

Yn- Nah I'm good......just hungry. *Holds lo in your lap*

Drew-...*Looks at You*.... Ok

Yn-*Rolls eyes alil*

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