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Prince Pov

Lo-Mommy Mommy wakey wakey! Princey Princey Wakey Wakey! She said in the cutest voice every.

Yn- Goodmorning my love bug


Yn-*Looks up at Me* Morning Baby *Pecks My lips*

Me- Y do u have dried up tears? I asked worried.

Lo- Cause mommy been crying

Yn- How do u know?

Lo- I heard u in the car last night

Prince- Yn tell me what's going on??

Yn- It's nothing

Prince- Crying yourself to sleep is nothing! Ok, I fail to believe that.

How could she lie to me like that. I need to go for a morning walk and maybe a coffee break. Idk I just know I need to get away from her before I start back doing my old habits and I don't want to do that to her ex specially when she's having my child.

Me-*Gets Up nd slams door*


Yup it's short but I'm at school so yea.
Updating later!

But what on earth is Princeton talking bout??

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