Still Drew Pov

Yn- Tf no!

She said. I was so hurt. But I still think she's mine. She has my freaken green eyes! Yn eyes aren't green there hazel! I know for a fact she's lieing. Then I saw Mia walk over.

Mia- Hey hubby.

Yn face dropped when she heard "hubby"

Me- hey bae *kisses her*

Yn-Well I think it's time for us to leave.

Yn Pov

I was finna walk away but Mia stopped me.

Mia-Oh Yn I didn't know that was you! Oh how u have grown!

You- Yea...I guess

Mia- If I knew you were still in L.A. I would've invited you to the wedding. *Flashes her ring*

You-Congrats *Fake smiles and tightens your grip on Lo's body as you hold her*

Mia-*Gasps* And this princess. What's her name?

You-Lourdes but I call her Lo.

Mia-Awww can I hold her?

You-Sure *Hands her over*

Mia- *Plays with her bun* How old is she.

Lo- I'm thwee. *Tries to hold up 3 but holds up 4 so you put the one finger down*

Mia-Awww I always wanted a girl.Maybe we can work on that Drew.

Drew-*Looks at Lo then Jay then You* Yea

You-*Feels him starring so you start to talk* Uuuh.. Is this jaylan?

Mia-Yea that's my boy.


You-Hey cutie last time I saw u I was changing your diaper.

Jay-*Blushes* I've grown.

You-Lol.Well we better get going *Reaches for lo*

Mia-I agree *Hands over Lo and takes jays hand* Lets go jay and pack up


And they walk away but drew stayed


Lo-Who are you

Drew-I'm Andrew but people call me drew. *Smiles*

Lo-I'm lwourdrs but people call me Lo.

Drew-Where's your daddy Lo?

Lo-*Looks down and plays with her fingers* I don't have one *Pouts*

Drew-*Looks at you*

You-Uuh come on Lo it's getting late *Puts Lo down and grabs her hand*

Lo-*Looks back at drew*

Drew Pov

Yn was walking to this condo place on the beach which I'm guessing she lives there. But the little girl looked at me until Yn turned around and saw so she picked her up. Before Yn went in the building the little girl turned around and said...

Lo-*Waves* Bye true

Drew-*Laughs and wave bye*

Yn-*Looks at him and walks in*

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