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Ashton's Baby by Mcmicrx
Ashton's Babyby Lacey
Homeless since the age of 16, Luke Hemmings just wanted to survive, until Ashton, a comfortable millionaire, came along. A life of luxury awaited the boy, and so much mo...
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All Good Things by rdracine
All Good Thingsby Renee Racine-Kinnear
"Bridget Jones with a lot more wine! This story is hilarious, feel-good and relatable in all the best ways!" - Grace K @ HQ. She's just quit her high-flying jo...
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Cursed, Charmed, and Uninsured by krazydiamond
Cursed, Charmed, and Uninsuredby Kristin Jacques
Kay lands a job at Fantasy Land INC, where she's looking after mythical creatures. The most magical of all? Serena, a Princess Kay accidentally falls in love with. ...
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Adopted by a billionaire!  by babano0
Adopted by a billionaire! by BByNo
Charlie grey is a 5 year old boy who has lived on the streets his whole life and was self taught on how to talk and walk. He hadn't been able to master the potty yet tho...
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One Wing | Dave East by DbleDe
One Wing | Dave Eastby Deeee☺️
Ever tried flying with one wing?
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Homeless & Pregnant by booklegendmaker
Homeless & Pregnantby booklegendmaker
Readers Discretion Advised
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My Mate Stole My Mom's Purse by xXHeyWheresPerryXx
My Mate Stole My Mom's Purseby xXHeyWheresPerryXx
Robin managed to get away from her abusive father at the age of thirteen, as a result she becomes homeless. Things seemed to get worst when she befriends a little boy wh...
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Street 237 by InspiringPerspective
Street 237by Haley Renée Hodge
She never wanted to have to live in a box near an abandoned building, she never asked for that life. London Bryant depends on mother nature's mercy day and night...
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Epilepsia MxM by Shifting2wolf
Epilepsia MxMby Too much inspiration
Daniël is the average twenty-something guy whom could easily blend in with the crowd. Only, unlike the crowd he dissapears in to look normal, he doesn't have a home, nor...
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Street Girl by solacing
Street Girlby Taylor Hale
Elliot finds street kid Lucy in his dad's shed and sparks begin to fly. Unfortunately for them both, Lucy's dangerous past is catching up with her. ...
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I Love You by SmilingAnger135
I Love Youby Chante✓
Three year old Skye has struggled since she was born. From abuse to living on the streets. Her mom is a drug addict who sells her body on the streets and her dad is a al...
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Wicked, Wild, Wonderful by MatthewD_Writes
Wicked, Wild, Wonderfulby Matthew
Naomi Morgan, the only black dancer at her ballet school, sacrifices everything to pursue her dream until she joins the Guise and realizes what she's missing. ...
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His Game by bo0kwormnIpu
His Gameby Nipshhhhhh
°°Excerpt°° Her lips quivered as she breathed out soft whimpers, hugging the torn remains of her hoodie close to her frame. Tears glided gently down her face. Her legs w...
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Short Story | Miracle Baby by PeppermintPassion
Short Story | Miracle Babyby Ari
A young girl who was betrayed by her own family and now is carrying an unborn child. A rich, gentleman who usually keeps to himself, but notices a young, homeless, beaut...
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Celiné by yumgucci
Celinéby yumgucci
|August Alsina FanFic| Celiné is twenty-two years old and is battling her way through a divorce from her crazy husband, Derrick. They have one son together, Chad, who i...
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Saving Grace | ✓ by _ashes
Saving Grace | ✓by mack
Before she ran away from home, Grace Miller had been abused, beaten, and hurt in more ways than one by the people who are supposed to give her the love she deserved. Str...
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Homeless by Anchor87
Homelessby Anchor87
As a kid Spyder,no last name,was always homeless,that's just how he grew up,now he's 10,and thinks he's about to due of the cold and starvation. Alturo Gerardo is the le...
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The (not so) Good Girls Bad Boys: The Good, The Bad and The Abandoned by Macey_Mouse
The (not so) Good Girls Bad Boys:...by Macey_Mouse
We all know about Declan, Bennett, Jordan and Naomi. The four Musketeers. Though they may have had some road bumps, they're all best friends. Naomi is their good girl, a...
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The Hard Life Of A Soft Raccoon [H2OVanoss] by Chromatic_Flare
The Hard Life Of A Soft Raccoon [H...by Chromatic Flare
[H2OVanoss] Jonathan lived on the streets his whole life, being treated worse than trash for what he was. An unwanted. A hybrid. A monster. Never had he met another like...
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The Homeless Boy by zelaughingqueen
The Homeless Boyby mary !
❝This is a story about a boy who lost his home. And a girl who lost herself. In the end, they might find more than what they were looking for.❞ - REVIEWS: "The ho...
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