Yn Pov

It has now been a week since I had my little run in with Drew. And he hasn't called or anything! Well I don't blame him cuz why would he after I just lied in his face. But he still should try and compromise with me.

Lo-*Playing with her dolls*

Phone rings

Baby I love you, I need you here give me all the time-GCF


Drew-Um Hey Yn

What in the h*** does he want


Drew-Why are you acting this way with me.

I honestly don't know

Me-If you called just to yell I don't wanna hear it.

Drew-I called to ask you do you want to go out?


Drew-Plz it could be a family thing


Lo-*Gives all her attention to you*

Me-*Looks at her* Sorry baby *Walks in the other room*

Drew-Yn I know you lied to me. I don't understand why you are hurting our kid. She clearly wants a dad..You saw the way she reacted when I asked about him!

Me-Lourdes doesn't need you..I don't need you!

Drew-Lourdes needs me. It's not about us.Its about her......Be ready in 30.

And with that he hung up.

Lo-*Peeking threw the now cracked open door*

You-*Sees her* It's ok baby.. You can come in.

Lo-*Walks in and climbs on your lap* Who was that mommy?

You-Somebody......Do you wanna go out today?

Lo-*Gets excited* Yes!

You-*Laughs* Ok let's go get you ready.

Lo-*Runs upstairs to her room* I wanna wear all pink.

You-Of course you do.

I put Lourdes on her pink Jordan's (strawberries) with a pink tank top and red skinny jeans with a red jean jacket and diamond earrings. I just threw her hair in a high pony tail and put a pink bow on it.

As for myself I put on black skinny jeans, pink shirt that said "Boy London" in orange letters with my black, pink, and orange Jordan's. With my hair down. I didn't apply make up. But I had on black diamond hoop earrings.

30 mins later I heard a knock on the door.

Drew Pov
I just made it to Yn condo building and now I'm knocking on her door.


Yn-*Blank Stare* Hi

Lourdes-Truuuuuuue!* Runs for me*

Me-*Picks her up* Loooooooo! So are we ready to go.

Lo-Yup *Smiles big*

Me-*Looks at yn*

Yn-*Rolls eyes and locks door*

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