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Kynedy Carter by beee_harmony
Kynedy Carterby sarai writes
The story of an interesting Carter kid, she was far from the spotlight for spending her life in New York. Her mom refused to let her live with her dad Shawn Carter (Jay...
Nicki Minaj's Daughter by iamkyra_
Nicki Minaj's Daughterby Author
12 year old Kamiyah Onika Minaj lives in a foster home.. She only knows what her foster mother told her about her parents. Being bullied at school and then coming home...
The Beauty And Her Boss by GlamorousMia
The Beauty And Her Bossby Queen Bey👑
Read To Find Out More😇
Best of Me by lovehunnymoney20
Best of Meby MiaE❤️
"Just tell me the truth for once Shawn!" I yelled crying with the papers in my hand. "I am." He argued back yelling louder than I've ever heard him...
He's not only my boss**' : 2014 ✔️|  by AdoreNiah_
He's not only my boss**' : 2014 ✔️...by ♚ Nai
He laid his lips on top of my neck, enticing me. Dominance took hold of my body while I laid back in the limo. I know what we were doing was wrong, but not one part of m...
Loved by a bully (COMPLETED) by MariLegion
Loved by a bully (COMPLETED)by Juss_jayonce
This is a story of how ur juss gonna read it and have fun...🤩 have fun
What Is Life? [Finished] by ThaKid_Snapback
What Is Life? [Finished]by ThaKid
Being a kid from Baltimore, Maryland can be a struggle when your father is dead and your mother doesn't care but having Beyoncé Carter as a teacher might save your life...
My love, My life. by Naiyaaa76
My love, My life.by Naiyaaa76
Beyonce is a young woman who tries her best to live a normal life despite her hearing condition. She is very shy and barely lets anyone in. What happens when she meets J...
soundproof. by 4BEYGK
soundproof.by ʟᴀɪʟᴀ 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
With new stress coming from Blue, a new baby, lover boys, and potentially fake cancer patients, Onika and Bey have a lot on their plate and have to fight to keep their m...
South Central Love by Iceberg__Slim
South Central Loveby ➰
South Central Love follow the life of a young man named Shawn Carter, who live with his grandmother after years of struggling in the protective child system. But what h...
Something New by Tweetyy95
Something Newby Tweetyy95
Beyonce is a 26 year, recently divorced old woman, who is a single mother. By surprise someone comes along and bring passion to her life.
Finding Love Again by xobeyxo
Finding Love Againby xobeyxo
Shawn Carter lost the love of his life one night in a fatal car accident and has been raising his three year old daughter by himself since then. He hasn't been looking t...
The New Guy  by GlamorousMia
The New Guy by Queen Bey👑
As You May Know Beyoncé Who Is Originally From Houston, Texas, Is The Mother Of 7 Year Old Caleb Jenkins. In This Story You'll See Beyoncé Encounter Many Trials And Trib...
L.O.V.E.E.E [Finished] by ThaKid_Snapback
L.O.V.E.E.E [Finished]by ThaKid
Bey and Jay and 6 kids? This A Lil Short Story. Enjoy.
Dangerously in love with you by ZaMahj
Dangerously in love with youby Bossisbanks
Beyoncé is an 18 year old country girl from Texas. Her parents get a divorce and she's forced to move to New York with her mother and younger sister. Shawn is a 21 year...
Promises (COMPLETED) by sweethoneybey
Promises (COMPLETED)by sweethoneybey
That Mother (sequel) [BOOK 2]
The Beautiful Ones  by beee_harmony
The Beautiful Ones by sarai writes
Slow Updates I was married to the love of my life I went through another pregnancy with him. We had moved and a started a whole life together it was beautiful. Then I w...
Knowles - Carter || Beyoncé • Jay Z by byncknwlscrtr
Knowles - Carter || Beyoncé • Jay Zby BEYNALA
Knowles is a top Agent at Parkwood and she sworn an oath to her duty, honor and country. But when things went down, it's just a disaster for her as if the world is endin...
The One by yonce4xo
The Oneby Queenyoncéx
Beyoncé is in a abusive relationship with a guy called Micheal. One night they are walking home from the cinema and Micheal accuses Beyoncé of cheating, she hasn't cheat...