Re: Field trip tomorrow

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Date: Sat, Sep 02, 2017 at 3:05 PM
Subject: Field trip tomorrow    

Tomorrow I have another field trip. Unfortunately it is an all-day trip, on Sunday, so I'll be missing church again. But I want to take advantage of the opportunity. Also I still haven't found a church to go  to, or even try out. So I might as well be participating in an  educational excursion that's already paid for as sitting in my room alone thinking about how I'm not at church. I'm not quite ready to throw in my lot with the Catholics completely.

The sheet had this trip listed as "Tequila." I don't really know  what that means, but I'm assuming we're not just going to be sitting  around drinking tequila the whole time. We'll find out! I don't think I'll be back until late so I probably won't be able to write to you tomorrow. Not that you asked me to, but since I've been writing you every day I wanted to forewarn you so you won't think I died. I most likely won't have.

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