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Rain Again (Completed) by clararicks1
Rain Again (Completed)by Clara Ricks
Highest Ranking on hotlist : #1 Her confusion multiplied looking at the raw anger in his eyes, the seriousness and finality in his features. 'I seriously am clueless her...
  • featured
  • redemption
  • husband
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TheNotes by xyleandromeda
TheNotesby xyleandromeda
A series of literary works I wanted to share to the world. 😇
  • express
  • literary
  • life
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Silver by rowena_wiseman
Silverby Rowena Wiseman
Everyone says that things are much better now than they were in the past, but Sylvie is not so sure. Teenagers are forced into arranged marriages, people disappear if th...
  • teenlove
  • litfic
  • featured
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Exchange of Life In Poetic Verse by Pietri0x
Exchange of Life In Poetic Verseby Pietri0x
free verse poetry-- the exchange of life; its willingness to reveal inspirations to thought too written word.
  • inspirations
  • freeverse
  • life
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The Greys by ljmerced1
The Greysby LJ Merced
We are all connected... Two lives intertwined, yet separated by different dimensions. Isabella, a human, tries to repair her life amid financial devastation. When she...
  • anger
  • epicfantasy
  • strongfemalelead
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The Phoenix Effect by efoxbirdie
The Phoenix Effectby Efox Birdie
Seven friends throw a birthday party to hide two painful truths: one, they are no longer friends, and two, one of them is a murderer. The past, present, and future inter...
  • fiction
  • reality
  • featured
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The Driest Ocean #WriteWithZo by KaranSeraph
The Driest Ocean #WriteWithZoby Karan Seraph
A Las Vegas impersonator tired of the biz visits the kitchen of a very expensive, very popular New York restaurant. Planning chat now available; story text to be upload...
  • fiction
  • restaurant
  • impersonation
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Megan's slam poem 1 by megans247
Megan's slam poem 1by megans247
"You are my paradox"
  • slampoetry
  • slampoem
  • boy
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Three Days by DoctorMarkus
Three Daysby Markus McDowell
It took her three days to build the small casket and dig a little grave in the frozen earth. Diphtheria was a terrible disease, almost uncurable in the 1800s. Especially...
  • 1800s
  • literary
  • drama
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Coffee by OnwardMonster
Coffeeby David Souza
A cup of coffee, A diner and some bad eggs in between them. John and Sarah sit down for the first time in three years trying to piece together the broken fabric of their...
  • teenfiction
  • unrequitedlove
  • heartbreak
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"The Platinum Raven" by Rohan Quine is a triple convulsion whereby our heroine Raven escalates herself into the Chocolate Raven and then the Platinum Raven, fr...
  • burjkhalifa
  • dubai
  • darkfantasy
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Poetry Anthology by cozmic
Poetry Anthologyby Robin Roscoe
A continuously evolving collection of my poems.
  • lovely
  • sad
  • beautiful
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For Her Who Never Sees by Hisotherside
For Her Who Never Seesby @albuspotter
A single drop of idea flows and filled the bucket of words and phrases. Watering the trees of imagination bearing fruits of poems and realities beyond the days and nights
  • poetry
  • anxiety
  • self
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Curtain Cape by davidsaddy
Curtain Capeby David
  • marsden
  • drama
  • story
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Tiam Affectus by harutachibana99
Tiam Affectusby erissue23
To be able to hide of what you feel Is to deprive everyone of what is real Through writing I shall channel What I really feel I shall tackle
  • unspokenfeelings
  • death
  • depression
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The Deed of the Monkeys by shaynakrish
The Deed of the Monkeysby Shayna Krishnasamy
At a quiet restaurant in an unnamed city a man and a woman sit across from each other. She is distraught. He is quickly drunk. Neither can stop thinking of what they've...
  • fiction
  • literary
The Yard by AliyyahEniath
The Yardby Aliyyah Eniath
An abandoned boy is brought to live with a devout and extended family who treat him with suspicion. He becomes entangled with his guardian's wilful and rebellious daught...
  • love
  • loss
  • contemporary
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Silently Screaming by dawnhusted
Silently Screamingby Dawn Husted
It's the spring semester of their senior year at Centerville High and a future away from their current realities is all best friends Nikki and Caroline want. Despite the...
  • high
  • drugs
  • young
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Inktober 2018 - Literary Art (On Hiatus) by Eau_de_Glace
Inktober 2018 - Literary Art (On H...by Eau_de_Glace
So, I know Inktober was supposed to be on drawings, but I decided to make a literary piece according to its themes. Some of the stories may be fanfictions/side stories...
  • literary
  • 2018
  • stories
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