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Smooth Criminal || Sebtana {UNDER REVISION} by laurrrenkellyyy
Smooth Criminal || Sebtana { lauren
#1 for SEBTANA #3 in NAYARIVERA #13 in SEBASTIANSMYTHE #17 in SANTANALOPEZ #42 in GRANTGUSTIN #48 in GLEE -------- Sebastian Smythe is a former Warbler who left Dalton A...
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Love and War - (Chris Brown x Lira Galore) by cocoabellaxo
Love and War - (Chris Brown x 🔹 INDiGO CHiLD🔹
Chris Brown x Lira Galore Original Story Indira Léon is the daughter of Victor Léon, the top drug supplier on the West Coast. Chase Brown is a young, successful business...
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Love, Novela [Completed] by aloisahart
Love, Novela [Completed]by Aloisa Hart
If soul mates really exist, does that mean you are supposed to be with them? Even if it means turning your back on your family and friends, values and beliefs? Novela is...
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Unmasked | Harry Styles A/U by Word_Adict
Unmasked | Harry Styles A/Uby Word_Adict
Tessa was kidnapped at birth by nutorious gang leader Sway when a deal between him and her father had gone wrong. When she finally escapes the torturing clutches of Sway...
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the words you left behind by diphylleiarose
the words you left behindby m. lian
the words you left behind become poems flowing from my shattered mind to inked letters on our page. - little pieces of my soul written for and inspired by ...
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Love, Chloe | Elijah Mikaelson (COMING SOON) by Inspired3017
Love, Chloe | Elijah Mikaelson ( 𝐄𝐌
"Life has is cruel. The most innocent people always die first." "That's probably why Damon is still alive then." [The Vampire Diaries] [Elijah Mikae...
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Stereotypical Love by mr64774
Stereotypical Loveby Megan
Eric has fallen a victim to the stereo types. He has found a crush, but due to stereo types it's doomed love..
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Messing with the wrong girl by JustineQi
Messing with the wrong girlby JustineQi
Johanna Winterson is a normal teenage girl with a normal high school life. But everthing changed, as she was kidnapped by the Fenders gang. Know around her city for thei...
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Beautiful Little Fool by GatsbysGreenLight
Beautiful Little Foolby Hannah (:
I'm a huge, HUGE fan of The Great Gatsby. I noticed that one could write a novel on things Daisy Buchanan never said...and that's what I intend to do. we don't know much...
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Inhale Exhale by Auter_box
Inhale Exhaleby Autumn B
Falling in love was supposed to be easy. You meet, you talk, you date, you laugh, you love. It's as easy as inhale, exhale; but what if that was one of you biggest stru...
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Lies. by _jazz_2020
#11 Jazz
This is a story about a girl who loved one boy with all her heart, believing he loved her as well. but finds out it was all a lie. Warning! Contains self harm, suicidal...
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The Greatest Deception by KatieChapman45
The Greatest Deceptionby KatieChapman45
A troubled boy, Colton, gets sent to the small beach town of Sapphire Cove where he meets Adeline. She seems to have the perfect life, but there is more to her than meet...
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Queen of Dragons by TorreeBooks
Queen of Dragonsby R.J Tortor
Twins born from a human and a dragon. Eilif, a dragon who could neither spout fire nor fly and Ameera, a girl who looked human in every way yet had fire burning in her l...
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Heartbroken(Season 1)|Angels and Demons by PinkGalaxyGirl2
Heartbroken(Season 1)|Angels and Fantasy_Georgie12
Have you ever fell in love??? Have you have an enemy??? Have you Ever been doomed because of Love??? No?? Well, that's is what happened to Lucy!! Read to find out about...
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The Cursed Egg by emberblazeofwindclan
The Cursed Eggby [ є m в є r ]
"The legend of Diorite and Jerboa had been passed down through every tribe for generations upon generations, warning against the folly of young love," says the...
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Resisting Rhys by YesMyNameIsJess
Resisting Rhysby •Jessie•
"Oh he's cute"...a girls natural response to a good looking guy-but what if he was your brothers best friend, who goes to your school, attends your church and...
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The Darkness || SLOW UPDATES by Adoringpoptarts
The Darkness || SLOW UPDATESby Adoringpoptarts
In this story, The Light is dangerous and The Darkness is safety...
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Diem Noctemque (From Night to Day) by LuckyBeans123
Diem Noctemque (From Night to Day)by Limitless Melody
Home. It was once a boy, with soft grey eyes, caramel colored hair, and calloused hands. He had a broken smile, I knew that fact from the first time I saw him in the mal...
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