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To This Day by scallison
To This Dayby ella
When Sydney Sherwood was thirteen, she fell in love. She was utterly enamoured with Carter Pearson - the cute, enigmatic, brilliant fourteen year old who lived across th...
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Out of Bounds by sweetstephy
Out of Boundsby Stephy
Santana is a college student, studying abroad with her best friend Quinn. She's never been on her own and has always had someone controlling her every move. When she mee...
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Summer in Scotland (Prince Harry #1) by SophiaJohnson255
Summer in Scotland (Prince Harry S. Johnson
Prince Harry spends his summer away from the public eye. He's trying to clean up his image. No longer will he be known as the Party Prince or Spare. He wants to be known...
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Little Miss Sunshine by madhatterm
Little Miss Sunshineby Madissen
I walk into the kitchen when suddenly I'm grabbed from behind. "Hey beautiful, what's your name?" A voice asks huskily. I take a shaky breath and answer quie...
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A Barrier Meant To Be Broken by Lusterdragon72
A Barrier Meant To Be Brokenby Danieljames Joaquin Domar
A journal of a young adult with a dream. This book contains poems and collected thoughts of their journey that started April 25th, 2018. At the age twenty-two they find...
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My Senior Year Abroad [Harry Styles Fanfic] by thegirlnamedm
My Senior Year Abroad [Harry m
They say travel broadens the mind, but it does so much more than that. Contains sexual, suggestive, violent, and mature themes. Read at your own risk. THIS IS MY WORK. P...
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Love, Novela [Completed] by aloisahart
Love, Novela [Completed]by Aloisa Hart
If soul mates really exist, does that mean you are supposed to be with them? Even if it means turning your back on your family and friends, values and beliefs? Novela is...
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Nine Months in La Rochelle by HilaryHale
Nine Months in La Rochelleby Hilary Hale
**True Story, live where possible!** So here I am in France, and here I'll be until the end of next June. Let's see where it takes me! La Rochelle is a beautiful seaside...
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Window Seat. by AKfliesXOXO
Window AKfliesXOXO
For Rosie Thorn's 17th birthday she is given a free trip to Paris and on the plane ride she meets Cade, sweet charming Cade. Will they ever meet again after they depart...
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Une grande histoire d'amour by desrelly
Une grande histoire d'amourby Kelsey
His last breath I heard. This last breath rang proudly in my ears, its loathsome tune invading my thoughts, an obsession that I could not control. Had it chosen me? Or h...
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College tips and tricks by bafras
College tips and tricksby bafras
things that you should know
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Student life by AnnyLee2
Student lifeby Anny Lee
This are story details about student life,these students from Ghana、Mauritius 、Nepal and more countries.Now they are live in China .There ar...
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Basorexia (h.s) by NotJustATrashCan
Basorexia (h.s)by NotJustATrashCan
Basorexia (n.): the overwhelming desire to kiss.
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Like Fields of Lavender by MelaninMelon
Like Fields of Lavenderby MelaninMelon
"I don't mean to burst your bubble love, but staring is very rude." Meet Ember Caramello, a 22-year-old college sophomore studying abroad in London, England...
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Study Abroad Student Visa Requirements by OverseasEducation
Study Abroad Student Visa Rita Biswas
Plan your higher studies in top countries like USA, UK, Canada, new zealand, ect. Get to know all the top study abroad destinations along with the student visa requireme...
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Global Education Fair November 2019 by aecoverseas Foreign education consultancy by aecoverseas_edu
Global Education Fair November aecoverseas foreign education
Abroad Education Consultant (AEC)- aecoverseas has initiated a ceremonious Global Education Fair. This fair is going to be the country's largest-ever global education fa...
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Youth by mattiemore
Youthby mattie
Upon arriving in Kauai, Hawaii for a summer-long field study of traditional Hawaiian culture, Skylar Carlson finds herself getting wrapped up in the lives of a group of...
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Pho·to·sen·si·tive by alexisjeanb
Pho·to·sen·si·tiveby Lex
"I had every intention of going. Traveling to new cities and eating strange foods. Taking way too many pictures and posting them on Instagram so everyone could see...
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The Time Traveler by dragonladyofthelake
The Time Travelerby Emery Schulz
Emmaline is stuck in the Victorian era. AGAIN.
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Wuhan Medical University Courses by animesh45
Wuhan Medical University Coursesby animesh singh
For Indian Students, Wuhan Medical University is Comprehensive University under the Administration of the Ministry of Education. The University has succeeded to make a w...
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