Re: Taking More Steps

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Date: Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 6:20 PM
Subject: Taking More Steps

We had dance again yesterday. Alex seems to think I am doing really well, which is a shock considering I've never really danced in my life. But I told him that, so I think he is taking that into account.

I also chatted with him a little about the ghost tour. It was frustrated to wait through the "How scary!"-"Not scary"-"So cool!" type of comments. After a few I almost changed my mind about saying anything and was about to walk away, but then Alex asked me what I thought. I said that I found it interesting how their stories and legends are different from ours, particularly in the way that their stories often prescribe some type of interaction, like asking for favors, whereas ours just tend to advise staying as far away as possible. The other students kind of drifted away and started talking to each other so and it was just he and I talking. He didn't say anything right away and just smiled. I realized that I might be totally wrong and basing this idea mostly on the story of the Scottish couple, which for all I know is an anomaly. I opened my mouth to say something along those lines, but he said (in Spanish), "That's very good, Novela."

I would be inclined to think he's just being nice - about both the ghost theories and the dancing - but I have not heard him give unwarranted compliments, and I am paying attention now. I will keep paying attention. Or on second thought, I will just work harder so I can make sure I do deserve them.

Sorry, I'm probably boring you to death. But since I haven't heard from you, all I can do is write about me! (How's that for blackma- er, motivation?)

I still love you, even though you don't write to me. 

Love, Novela


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