Re: Going out, attempt #2

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Date: Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 4:48 PM
Subject: Going out, attempt #2

Sierra found me after the tour and demanded to know what had happened to me last night. Apparently, even in their intoxicated state, they had realized I was missing and tried to find me, looking in the women's room and asking the waiters. Finally someone told them - or at least Sierra was able to make out - that I had left, and he thought the guy that I had danced with went right after me. So they figured I must have asked Alex to escort me back.

I told them that I wanted to leave and had tried to get to them and couldn't, so I just figured I'd go back alone. I felt bad though, knowing I had worried them. I apologized, thinking they'd be really upset, but Sierra was surprisingly cool about it. In fact, she apologized to me for ignoring me when I was uncomfortable. She even asked me to go out with them again, tonight. I immediately declined, thinking it was best for everyone. But she assured me that they would go to somewhere with more salsa dancing tonight, and that Mike would dance with me this time, and that whenever I wanted to leave, we'd leave. She basically wasn't taking no for an answer.

Sierra had dragged me into their room for this chat, and the TV. was on. There was a bullfight, which I thought was interesting at first since I'd never seen one. But after they started stabbing these things into the bull that looked like pool noodles that stuck out of him as he continued to run around, we were all horrified and they turned it off. It will take a while to get that out of my mind. At least now I know better than to go to a real bullfight.

So even though I don't really want to, I'm going out again tonight. At least now I know what to expect, and what not to do. It couldn't be worse than last night. Or sitting in the hotel room watching bullfighting on TV. 

Your friend, the partier,


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