Re: Getting oriented

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Date: Sun, Aug 20, 2017 at 1:48 PM
Subject: Getting oriented

Hey Grace,

I just got back from the school's orientation. My favorite part was when the lady—Ruby, her name is—talked to us about "sexual harassment" (meaning guys catcalling on the street). She said, "By December you will be used to it, and by January you will miss it." I don't mind it so much but I guess it freaks some of the girls out. Since the orientation was this morning, obviously I didn't go to church. Hopefully by next Sunday I'll track down a church to visit. Oh, and to answer your question, no, I have not met any hot guys, although I'm sure Levi would prefer I didn't.  

On the bright side, I aced my placement so I was able to sign up for "content courses." There was less choice than on their website, so for the first five-week session I picked Composition (writing, in Spanish), and Economic and Political History of Mexico. (I know you're rolling your eyes at the second one, but it's helpful for the Latin American Studies half of my double major, and I'm going to try to swing the first one for the journalism half.) 

Last of all, the school. There are offices right off the main entrance, and then a courtyard open to the sky, with a big fountain in the middle and tables and chairs scattered around. The weather should be pretty nice when it's not raining, so I'm excited for that. There are classrooms all around the courtyard on two levels, kind of like a shopping mall except with classrooms instead of stores. On the far end of the ground floor level is the office of the American doctor here to conduct experiments on cash-poor students (and, presumably, assist us when we are ill). On the nearer end there is a tiny cafeteria that serves things like fresh-made quesadillas in addition to soda and packaged chips. I could get used to this.

OK, about Levi: yes, you're probably right. This will be a good test of his interest, as well as mine. I'm feeling a little bewildered right now, since I'm pretty much alone in kind of a large, quiet house and don't really have my bearings, so I feel like any attention (even strangely formal emails) will have my heart in knots. But we'll see. Four months is a good chunk of time.

OK, I need to respond to my parents' emails. Write back soon!

- N

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