Re: Long Weekend

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Date: Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 6:34 PM
Subject: Long Weekend

I don't even know what "missionary position" is, nor do I want to. Nor do I want to know why you know. Therefore I will ignore those comments. 

This weekend is a long weekend because tomorrow is a national holiday (Mexican Independence Day). So pretty much the whole school is going to the beach, except me, because I felt awkward about it. Sierra asked if I was going. I couldn't really tell if she was inviting me. I mean, she said, "You should come!" but that's no guarantee that I would have a room to share or people to hang out with. Everyone else has a roommate in their house, and for the most part they all act as units, so I'm always the third wheel. But even that I wouldn't mind, if I didn't have a strong suspicion that they were going to be drinking to excess, grinding in clubs till all hours,  and potentially ending up in each other's beds. Of course I don't support these things, but it's more than that. I literally wouldn't know what to do with myself and would probably end sitting in bed reading, which I could do at home without paying the extra money for a hotel room and eating out. I would like to see the coast, but maybe under difference circumstances.

All right, not everyone is going to the beach. Some students still showed up to dance class, even though a few had already left for Puerta Vallarta. Some were leaving tomorrow but a few aren't going. Alex  said for those who are staying, he'd buy a tequila shot for anyone who shows up on Saturday to the same club we went to last time. I'm not really into tequila - I've just had it the one time - but it would be doing something, and a chance to practice dancing in a real setting again. Our dance class is almost over and I'm not nearly as proficient as I'd like, in any of the styles we've learned. A think some of the guys are going to go so it might be a good chance to practice with a comfortable partner.

And tomorrow they do something called the "Grito" (yell) in the town square, at 11pm! It's supposed to be a really big deal. We talked about this in composition today and Alex really encouraged us to go, and for those going out of town to at least watch it on TV. We are supposed to write about it next week. He said he would chaperone a group, so a few of us are meeting at a spot near the Cathedral around 9pm tomorrow. 

I'm glad I didn't go to the beach. If I go to the Grito tomorrow, dancing on Saturday and church on Sunday, it will be a full enough weekend and more educational (well, more edifying anyway).

Happy Mexican Independence!



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