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My heart rate picks up and all I want to do is punch his face in, "What?"

"Where is she?" Lip asks from behind.

Tony sobs more into his hands before answering in a watered-down tone, "They took her."

My mind begins to wonder and instincts kick in so I slap him from the back of his head and raise my dry voice, "Who the fuck took her?"

And then he says the words that break me, "She overdosed," He cries, "She's at the hospital. She wouldn't stop shaking. I tried to stop her...but I don't know if she's gonna be okay."

My mouth dries and everything in me stops leaving nothing but my addict's cackle. My heart rate slows while my blood boils. I can't blink. I can't breathe. I can barely even think. Tony's cries become muffled, Lip's breathing becomes shallow. Everything falls and I'm left with reality.

I revel.

Foggy images flash back to my mind like static reminding me of her cries into my ear. The cries that told me to follow her down the hole. The cries that told me that she had magic in a bag. The cries that told me that Tony was the cause of all of this.

Fury boils my blood and anger coils my fists while my fight or flight instincts kick in.


"You asshole," I mumble before jumping on top of the frail boy with shaggy hair. I straddle his waist, locking my legs tightly around his legs and pull back my right fist.

With grotesque anger driving my actions, my fist collides with Tony's high cheekbone, sending his face into the mattress. My fingernails dig into my palm like cutting through a fruit, sending a burn through my arm but all I can see is red and all I can feel is chaos. I pull back my fist again shooting another blow to the side of his face. My fist stings as I feel Tony grip into my sides like he's begging for me to put an end to the misery. The ringing in my ears intensifies and my addict revels.

"Cash," Lip screams, "Let up!"

"You pathetic asshole!" I scream into Tony's face as I squeeze my eyes and coil back my fist for one more blow. Before my fist hits his face again, strong arms wrap around my waist squeezing tight.

"Get her off of me," Tony coughs as he holds his hands up.

I scream and I cry as I feel Lip's grip on me tighten. My legs become lose around Tony's waist and I feel myself being pulled off the mattress. I flail my arms in hopes of scratching the real addict's face. I continue to kick and cry as I feel Lip shove me towards Renee's bathroom.

"Let go! He deserves more!" I scream as Lip shoves me into the bathroom.

"Breathe, Cash," Lip soothes, "He's not worth it."

Lip pushes me into the bathroom and flicks on the lights before slamming the door shut. I bang my busted fists against the wood as I scream for release, not caring about the pain.

"Get the fuck out!" I hear Lip scream, "Go! Get the fuck out of here before I call the cops!"

My whole body feels like it's being fueled by a battery. I can feel the blood in my veins take it's course and it feels like lava running through my body. My skull feels like it's about to crack at any second and my hands feel like they're on vibrate. My breathing is erratic and I can feel bile rise in the back of my throat. At this point, I don't know whose controlling me. My addict or my heart?

I turn around from the door and am faced with the monster in the mirror.

I grab at my chest at the sight in front of me. My eyes are sunken in just like my cheeks while mascara coats my reddened cheeks. My lips are raw from all the biting and sweat glosses over everything else. Brunette locks are tangled at every end and cover my face like a veil. Fear sticks my body. I've seen this face before.

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