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Disclaimers are not fun but they're necessary.

Disclaimers are not fun but they're necessary

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Please read You and I before starting Cashed. You will be thoroughly confused. 

Cashed follows Shameless season 4 and on very loosely.

I do not own Shameless or any of it's plots and characters. All rights go to the incredible producers and directors. I do own my characters, Cassandra 'Cash' Monaco and Renee James. I own all of their followed plots and dialogues.

Plagiarizing is not cool at all so please be respectful and do not steal any of my plot ideas or characters. I've worked really hard on all of this and would appreciate to be taken seriously. If anyone sees any of my ideas and such being used in another story please be awesome and let me know.

Seriously, I'm genuinely a nice person but not when it comes to plagiarizing.



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