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"heart on your sleeve like you've never been loved..." friends - chase atlantic

Denial is a 19-year old boy with his arm securely wrapped the neck of a sinner in hopes of an end to the misery

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Denial is a 19-year old boy with his arm securely wrapped the neck of a sinner in hopes of an end to the misery.

Lip kept me in his arms for what felt like eternity while whipping away my drugged-out tears. The warmth from his body spread throughout mine, creating the illusion that everything was going to be okay. His warmth gave me hope that all the madness around me had melted away into serene bliss. But I knew his warmth was a lie because nothing was going to change. All the soft fuzzy feelings he gave me was nothing more than me coming down from my high. All his warmth was nothing but his body heat telling me that my cold frail body was weak. It was all a fucking lie.

With delicate fingers, Lip pushed a piece of scrappy hair behind my ear and grabbed my hand.

"Come on, let's get your stuff and go home," He whispered so sincerely.

His lies are constricting around my heart like a tight rope. His home isn't my home, it never was. He wouldn't want to live with someone who he so desperately wanted to escape when he was young. Why would he want to sleep in the same bad as someone whose demons reflect his parents? He doesn't know what he was saying.

But I'd still follow him. I'm addicted. And not just towards the drugs.

I'm selfish.

"This one?" He points to the room at the end of the hall and I nod.

Lazy legs walk us to the room that hold all the evil. Music is still playing and the lights are dim but everyone is gone. What once was the party of the end of the world is now extinct, leaving behind trash and smoke-filled air. The stench of cigarette smoke and beer fill my nose and instantly make me want to barf all over again. At this point, I don't remember what time it was. The world I was living in had no time.

"Where's your step-sister?" Lip asks as he glances around the hell hole.

I look around the room and see no evidence of her presence. I shrug and move towards the room that's got a closed door, reeking of suspicion. Lip squeezes my hand, reminding me that he's not letting go. Guilty feelings plague me and I just want him to let go but my heart won't allow it.

I push the door open with my shaking hands and squint my eyes through the darkness. Ripped sheets are tossed around the room as well as pillows and Renee's stupid expensive clothes. The curtains are drawn closed and the iPod dock in the corner plays low music. Lip switches the light on behind me, causing my eyes to burn.

In the gross fluorescent, Tony is sitting at the edge of Renee's bed with his head in his hands while soft sobs fill the air. He's shirtless and his brown hair is ripped at the ends.

I let go of Lip's hold and move towards the devil, "Where is she?"

He sniffles before looking up slowly from his hands, "I tried to help."

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