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"I'll be here if you need me to remind you..."


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"All I'm saying is research says that the color of your lips are the same exact color as the tip of your dick." Kev rambled while swinging his backpack over his shoulder as we exited his truck and made our way through the student quad.

The drive up here was a nice distraction from my problems, but it only reminded me of Kev's problems. The second Lip mentioned about selling on campus, Kev jumped at the opportunity to camp out in a dorm room. On the way up, he told me that he and Vee decided to take a break from their relationship. I guess things we're getting worse instead of getting better. The way Kev explained it was Vee was pushing away her family because it was all too much. He said she was jealous of the affection he showed to the girls. Neither of them understood each other.

The idea of them no longer being together didn't sit right with me, but for the moment, I decided to keep my mouth shut. If Kev needed a break, then a break was what he was going to get.

"Well what about girl lips?" I questioned while raising my brow.

He nodded and ran his hand over his bald head, "It's the same exact thing, except instead of the dick, it's your nips."

"But you have nips too. Does that mean that the color of your lips are the same as your dick and your nips?"

Kev came to an abrupt stop and put on his thinking face. His nose scrunched up as his brows bent together while college students ushered around us.

I stood small next to him and laughed at my shoes.

"Shit," He muttered, "I'm gonna have to examine myself later."

"Examine what later?" A voice asked from behind us.

We both spun around the same time, finding Lip standing behind us with a smug grin on his face. His mouth was lifted to one side as he took one last puff of his cigarette, and exhaled ribbons. The boy with sandy blond hair stood with confidence while his blue eyes glanced at mine. I felt my stomach do an involuntary flip along with my heart.

"I was just telling Cash how our lip color is the same color as the tip of our dick." Kev grinned as he held onto his backpack straps.

Lip nodded, thoughtfully, while guiding us toward his dorm rooms. "Right, and how girl's lips are the same color as their nipples."

"What?" I raised my voice in humor, "That's not a thing."

Lip tilted his head to the side and smirked, "Well yours are."

I felt my jaw drop the second a shiver ran down my spine. I smacked his arm as hard as I could while suppressing a laugh.

Kev stood on the other side of Lip and gagged, "Okay, let's not make this weird. I used to braid Cash's hair for fuck's sake."

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