»part 37 » addiction was beauty

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"But loving you had consequences..."


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Addiction was beauty.

Hair black as night with eyes cold like ice, she spoke with honey and loved with all her might.

Her words dripped with berries as she wore her heart on her sleeve, telling you that everything would be okay. Desperate for love, she begged and she begged and told you to push fears aside. A life with her would cease loneliness and aching hearts. Your chest would be full and your skin would be warm, she promised everything and more.

Her wine-colored lips promised she would keep you safe. She promised to love you until your last breath. She promised you wouldn't need another.

And your lonely heart fell for it. You were so desperate for affection and attention, that you did the one thing your mother always told you not to.

You trusted her. The addict.

She waited for you with open arms and a mouth full of pearly whites. Upon embrace, she wrapped you in her warm grasp. She cradled your weak and frail body with the strength that addiction thrived. You clutched onto her with tears in your eyes and promised to be devoted. Then she placed her cold lips on your cheeks, and that's when you felt it. The poison that trickled from her lips onto your skin. The poison that tainted you and traveled throughout your body. What she gave you tracked through your system, leaving a burning fire in its wake. Your bones cracked and your chest throbbed. You felt the burn and pain of her love.

And when you looked up at her, with questionable eyes – eyes that wanted nothing more than love – that's when you truly saw her.

Her clear blue eyes shifted to darkness. The black locks that framed her face dissipated in the wind. The soft skin that covered her warm body melted to the ground. And those sweet lips that promised you fidelity with honey-soaked words, were replaced with something darker.

She gripped onto you tight and snickered, because you did it. You gave yourself to her with open arms.

You trusted her and she was yours.

You sealed your love to her with a toxic-infused kiss.

And you were hers.

Addiction was beauty. But she was also a lie.

One that took the sanity of Julian Shaw, simply with the kiss of a liar.

I swam in the post-dream world before I heard someone breathing near me. The dark place I was in felt warm and promising. I woke a few hours early when I felt the bed shift, but I kept my eyes shut. I didn't want to have to face the light of day with thoughts of Julian so heavy on my mind. But as I heard someone clear their throat, I realized that the world was waiting for no one. Not even me.

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