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Pieces [Lip Gallagher] by FangirlFantasy16
Pieces [Lip Gallagher]by FangirlFantasy16
Elena goes through everyday, getting questioned by everyone in her life about her relationship with Lip. Things progress and just when things get as good as they can for...
  • gallagher
  • shameless
  • fanfiction
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The diner girl by bpaigeywaigey
The diner girlby Paigeybaby
Lip Gallagher fan fiction
  • gallagher
  • lip
  • shameless
You + Me [Shameless] by paigiepixels
You + Me [Shameless]by Paige
The Prince of the South Side, Lip Gallagher, falls in love with his best friend. This is their happy ever after. [lip gallagher x reader story]
  • fanfic
  • xreader
  • fanfiction
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Hush Now by manou_
Hush Nowby manou_
Rose Gallagher never meant to get attached to Mickey but she got under his skin and the feeling won't go away. //StraightMickey// //Shameless// (I don't own anything, e...
  • iangallagher
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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The Unofficial Gallagher by Californiagirl22
The Unofficial Gallagherby Madeline Reid
Kennedy exhaled through my nose and looked up at Ian's worried green eyes. Reaching up, she let her hand trace his jaw before cupping his cheek and he subconsciously lea...
  • drama
  • lipgallagaher
  • ian
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Gallagher, Carl Gallagher  by EthanGallagherr
Gallagher, Carl Gallagher by EthanGallagherr
Maisie moves in with her dad and stepmom for the school year and meets the one and only Gallaghers. Both Maisie and Carl crave each other's touch. Two fuckbuddies.
  • debbiegallagher
  • shameless
  • sheilajackson
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You Saved Me- A Lip Gallagher FanFiction by ryparr
You Saved Me- A Lip Gallagher Rylee Brunnert
I cowered against the wall, and slowly slid to the floor. Blood was dripping into my eyes from the gash in my forehead and I tried to wipe at it, but it stung, causing t...
  • shameless
  • lip
  • carlgallagher
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Blue eyes and Cigerettes // Lip Gallagher [COMPLETED] by kitkatzoo2
Blue eyes and Cigerettes // Lip kitkatzoo2
Charlie and Lips relationship was very different. They were both incredibly smart, both capable of so much and both could be little shits when they wanted be. Growing up...
  • carlgallagher
  • karenjackson
  • fionagallagher
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The Other Gallagher {Shameless US} by writerrr4
The Other Gallagher {Shameless US}by writerrr4
Olivia "Liv" Gallagher is the middle Gallagher kid,also the most troublesome. /\/\ Being a Gallagher isn't easy,not when you've got two deadbeat parents,one of...
  • iangallagher
  • debbiegallagher
  • alcoholic
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biological  》ian gallagher by shamelessgoons
biological 》ian gallagherby goons
The unfortunate events of Ian Gallagher's daughter living with him as he struggles with bipolar disorder. written by; jellybean / @SunnyDiCaprio cover by; hayl...
  • carlgallagher
  • cameronmonaghan
  • gallagher
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shameless imagines by tannerwritess
shameless imaginesby tanner
sexual content swearing self harm and everything shameless
  • carlgallagher
  • gallagher
  • lip
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Partners In Crime // Carl Gallagher (COMPLETED) by kitkatzoo2
Partners In Crime // Carl kitkatzoo2
We were always together. They called us partner in crime. But victims in love. Missy Milkovich. A loud, fiesty, south side stereotype. And Carl Gallagher. The boy every...
  • lipgallagher
  • milkovich
  • iangallagher
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Dream Team » Carl Gallagher  by -KingK
Dream Team » Carl Gallagher by 👑
"Go fuck someone else's daughter, Carl." "No can do, Kev. Your dream team just got back." Season 7 *Mature Content* Books 3/?
  • claudiatihan
  • gallagher
  • carl
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Cameron Monaghan Dirty Imagines by smullah
Cameron Monaghan Dirty Imaginesby smullah
Collection of sexual short stories involving Cameron Monaghan.
  • jeromevaleska
  • shamelessusa
  • dirty
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Elizabeth Gallagher - Shameless US by Alliepascoe
Elizabeth Gallagher - Shameless USby Allie Pascoe
Elizabeth Gallagher is a 10 year old girl living on the south side of Chicago. Her parents are Frank and Monica Gallagher. Yes, that's right, another Gallagher. How will...
  • familymember
  • shameless
  • debbiegallagher
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NUISANCE ✧ c. gallagher by notmakayla
NUISANCE ✧ c. gallagherby 𝐩𝐨𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐦𝐞
  • shameless
  • gallagher
  • carlgallagher
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Gallagher Charlie (Shameless) by Mollie_ruth
Gallagher Charlie (Shameless)by Mollie Ruth Bartlett
14 year old Charlotte (Charlie) is twin to Carl Gallagher like her other siblings she struggles to keep herself together with her drama a shameless fanfiction not set i...
  • shameless
baddest girl | carl gallagher by imagineandchill
baddest girl | carl gallagherby ♡
"i can't help myself... i'm best friends with one of the baddest girls ever." "no wonder why everyone wants a taste of me"
  • debbiegallagher
  • iangallagher
  • lipgallagher
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best friend ; ethan cutkosky by wydkylie
best friend ; ethan cutkoskyby wydkylie
best friend; - noun - a person's closest friend. -------------- lowercase intended *if you read another story that has the same ideas as mine, please message me immedi...
  • ethan
  • shameless
  • ethancutkosky
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southside royalty || c. gallagher by wintuhrnights
southside royalty || c. gallagherby m.
in the southside of chicago there is one family more southside than the rest, the milkovich's. a family who is known for chaos and being the dirtiest family in america...
  • lip
  • iangallagher
  • fluff
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