»part 8 » super glued ass

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"It's taking over. I'm slipping, into the deep end..." - Deep End - Ruelle

She's sitting in the haziest part of my mind with her arms crossed and a resentful look on her face

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She's sitting in the haziest part of my mind with her arms crossed and a resentful look on her face. Her hair is falling from her head like feathers from the sky. Her cheeks are sunk in her face that almost resembles a corpse. But then it hits me, she is a corpse. She's the corpse that lives inside my head and she's dying every second I don't obey. She needs me to survive. And I? I think I need her to survive too. Without her I lose to reality.

Before she sinks away into the depths of my mind, she leaves me with a side smile that sends a chill down my spine. She knows that soon enough I'll have to give into her completely. Especially if I don't want to be alone.

I hear the door slam and my eyes shoot open. The light burns my eyes and suddenly I feel the cost of my choices from last night sit on my head like an elephant. My head feels like it weighs a ton and my body feels like it just got hit by a truck. The effects from last night are taking a ware on my body and I feel every inch of it.

I groan and squint my eyes, trying to remember where I was. I look around and see a dry erase schedule plastered on the wall next to me and a computer stand at the edge of the bed. Lip's.

"Hey," I look over to see Lip walking over to his mini fridge with a towel wrapped around his waist and water dripping down his body from his damp hair.

I bite my lower lip while suppressing a much needed smile. I feel my cheeks warm and I throw my head back on the pillow, trying to think of something other than Lip's almost-nude body.  What do dudes think about in these situations? Right, baseball. But what the fuck do I know about baseball? Jack shit. Fuck.

"You get your beauty rest?" He asks while opening a bottled water and taking a drink.

I yawn and scratch my head, "Tried to. I took a knee to my back most of the night." I smirk and sneak a glance at him.

Lip was the heavy sleeper and I was the light sleeper. Kind of had to be when you were sleeping in different spots each night. Sleeping with Lip was always the most comfortable spot I could ever dream of but he practically practiced kick boxing in his sleep. I can't tell you how many throat punches I've taken as well as jabs to the ribs because of this boy. I practically woke up with a different bruise each night but that didn't make the experience any less special. I would take a black eye for this kid if it meant sleeping next to his warm body.

He chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah I guess things haven't changed that much."

I sat up, "Yeah tell that to the bruise on my lower back."

"At least I'm not a blanket hog," He chuckled and sat next to me.

"I am not," I gapped and shoved against his shoulder, "You always have a death grip on the blankets."

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