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"Well I got expelled from school the other day

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"Well I got expelled from school the other day. I tossed a chair through a fucking window," He chuckled, "Don't really have any plans on going back. Don't really want to. I wasn't even going to come back this semester but Fiona and I made a bet. If I went back to school, she would get her GED. I called her bluff," He exhaled, "After I got expelled, she told me to find another school or," He paused, "Or leave. I couldn't take her shit so I left. Everyone thinks I should go to some big Ivy League school. They all think I can actually make it out of this place."

He laughed, "They're all fucking stupid. So, uh, anyways, now I'm staying with Steve and his foreign wife. It's fucking weird but, hey, it's a place," There was a long pause, "Did I mention Monica's back? Yeah, uh, she and Frank are on a bender. I haven't gone by to see her, but why would I? They both could fuck off for all I care." Another pause, "Um, Karen wants to put the baby up for adoption," He breathed, "I don't really know how I feel about it. I don't even know why the fuck I'm telling you."

Another pause, "You've been gone for months, Cash. Fucking months. No calls, no texts, no letters. Nothing. You fucking left and haven't talked to any of us. You never fucking pick up your phone. You just dropped off the face of the planet. We're doing just fine without you though, okay? The world moved the fuck on without Cash Monaco. Big fucking shocker. I'm so fucking mad at you. You're an evil, sadistic bitch, you know that?" He laughed, "This is the last time I fucking call you. Good riddance, asshole." The line went dead.


"Do you remember that day in the park when we stole a pack of Frank's beers? We were like fucking 12 and dared each other that we couldn't finish six in a row," He laughed, "You threw up after your third one. I beat you out by five. We got so fucked up that day, we got lost on our way home. I remember, your feet were so tired you gave me a purple nurple until I agreed to give you a piggyback ride. I remember thinking you weighed a fucking ton," He paused, "And then half way there you said you were too tired to go any further so we laid down in the middle of someone's lawn. We stared at the sky for hours and you were convinced that you saw a UFO. I thought you were bad shit crazy but I still looked. I let you believe that I saw it too. You know why?" He paused and sniffled, "Because I didn't want you to feel fucking alone. I knew it would make feel sad and alone if I told you no," A sour laugh, "Now look at me. I'm the one feeling alone. Because you fucking left me. After everything, Cash. You fucking left me. Fuck you." The line went dead.


He sniffled, "So, uh," He paused, "Karen had her baby. You won't believe it but...it wasn't mine. The kid was fucking Asian," Silence, "Turns out I wasn't the only guy she slept with. I don't want to admit it, but, uh, I was actually a little sad. I made a shit ton of videos for him for when he grew up with his adoptive parents. I wanted him to know who his dad was," Another sniffle, "Turns out I just wasted a shit ton of tape. Not that you give a fuck anyway. Let's see, this is the, what? Hundredth unanswered voicemail I sent you? Anyways, I know I said this before, but this time I mean it, this is the last message I'm leaving you. I don't give a shit anymore. I'm done, Cash. It's time for me to move on. I can't keep calling you. Especially while you're going around probably fucking your college boyfriend. Anyways," He paused, "I hope you have a nice fucking life, Cassandra. Don't fuck it up and, uh, Happy thanksgiving." The line went dead. 


"Cash," A pause, "It's Kev. You have to come back. Things are bad right now. Like really bad. It's Liam. Give me a call when you get this," another pause, "This is Kev, by the way. Okay, bye." The line went dead.

My heart dropped as I listened to my last voicemail from 2 hours ago.


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