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"If you love me, won't you say something?"

"If you love me, won't you say something?"

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The skin of his lips was meant for mine.

The curve of his cupid bow was meant to be touched, and the plumpness of his bottom lip was meant to be grazed.

Every inch of his lips was meant to be loved with every ounce of mine.

There was a story of our love that only our lips could tell. It lived in between the space of our lips where our hearts couldn't sever. It's the story of two star-crossed lovers who were bound to each other despite the elements. Filled with stories of heartbreak and sorrow, these lips whispered in times of grievance and yelled in times of animosity.

Through the ups and downs of this story, the one constant object of their love, were their lips. These lips that didn't change through time. These lips that held the story of love and adoration.

The simple touch of our lips, was living proof that our love went deeper than words. The truth behind our love was in our touch, that's where our heart's laid.

The war between Lip and I was never a secret. We've fought more times than anyone could keep track. Whether it was to protect our pride, or our hearts, Lip and I did it all out of spite for the world. The world we were stuck in was one that pushed us a part before we ever met each other. Between his psychotic mother and my greedy mother, our thick skin was built with anger for the world that was crafted in our youth. As we got older, we got angrier.

Once we met each other, I think our hearts got confused. Never knowing the feeling of love or amity, we turned to the only feeling we knew.

And ever since then, we've been stuck swinging back and forth like a pendulum.

Fight, love. Love, fight.

We ran circles because it was the only shape we knew.

But even though we knew the fate of our relationship, we never stopped showing that we cared in our own twisted way.

The truth of us were between our lips. The story of a girl with an addict stuck in her head, and the boy who loved self-destruction.

When Lip's mouth grazed mine, I was thrown off. The feeling of nostalgia and homesick overwhelmed me, and for a moment – one sweet moment – I almost forgot.

But the taste of the alcohol coated on his tongue was enough to get me drunk.

I love you, Cash. Julian's drunk sob filled my ears, sending a bigger shockwave rushing through me.

Realization hit me, and it hit hard.

He's drunk.

My lip's froze and it took every muscle in me to pull away from this. Once I did, my heart cried with the instant sever. With wide eyes, I watched as Lip's eyes slowly opened. My mouth was swollen and slightly open with surprise while I stared at Lip's bloodshot eyes in hurt.

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