Reaching for the Stars

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'But wishes never really do come true.'

A stray thought filled my mind, making me leave out a sigh.
I decided to go back.
Back to the block of flats I left just a moment before.

My feet moved on their own,
as my mind still tried to figure out my mechanical actions.

Suddenly, I realized that I was moving in a different direction,
passing by houses aligned with the moon that changed form.

A large plain opened itself in front of me,
bathed in moonlight.

After a couple more steps, the road went up, and on the top of a small hill,
I could see a house.

A house with large windows
that let a wailing song escape.

Among the screams and cries,
a figure stood erect in the frame of a balcony door;
covered in white, she plunged for her grave.

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