Fleeting Butterfly

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The sun above sparkled its warmth on us,
pushing the dark clouds aside.

In front of us,
a sturdy door.

"Unlock it."

The cat demanded.
I looked at it in question—


A shiny key glinted in the sun,
under the petals of a rose.

I crouched for it,
but before I even got the chance to touch it,
it sprung from there into the air
and then into the yellow bushes
to my left.

"Go fetch it, stupid girl!"

The cat hissed and disappeared.


My gaze averted from the door to where
the little key has landed, and then I hurried there
only to find a miracle:

the key had split into a thousand cranes.

I looked in shock at the small birds, pondering
on how to find the missing key.
Alone in a colourful garden, I cried for help but
no one came.

The cat,
the voice that called my name,
the whispers that accompanied my stroll,
not one responded to my plea.

I was alone.
My thoughts and I.

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