He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

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Dropping the remains of the flower
on the ground,
the black haired man stood up.

He ran his hand through his hair

and took a step forward.

My eyes widened as I left out a gasp.
"No way..." Covering my mouth,
I took a step back. "This can't be...

...how... how is this even possible?"

"Pht. How, you ask?
Isn't that quite obvious though?"

With his gaze locked onto mine,
he continued to walk forward,
while I--

I took a step back.

Fear was slowly crawling into my heart.

"And here I was thinking that you have at least an ounce
of brain. Guess not."

you... you are...
you're that cat,

aren't you?"


[A/N] Dun dun dun dun! ୧(ಠ ⌣ ಠ)୨ They mystery of the man revealed? Buahahahha. Not a chance, not yet. (ಡ艸ಡ) So yes,Cosette is being cruel ◖|◔◡◉|◗ Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you'll still stick around for more. I'm really excited to see your reactions at this point. So go ahead and flood me with comments. (*^ิ艸^ิ*) I'll be looking forward to it.

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