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"Did you like my present?"
The young man's voice resonated
in my head, leading my sight towards
the abruptness of the peaks

we were each placed upon.

Separated by a large valley
through which an angsty river flew,
we watched each other from afar,
as the wind caressed our bodies,

"How did you—?"

From the place I was standing,
I could see a small smile forming
in the corner of his mouth.

He chuckled as he took a step forward,
right above the abyssal hollow below.

"You may think that I only exist here,
inside your memory..."

As he talked, taking small steps ahead,
dark coloured pebbles gathered from underneath,
paving his way to me. On each side of the
freshly built passage, white flowers bloomed.

"But the truth is...

                                              I am very much alive."

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