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Suddenly, everything froze;
the cat,
the man,
the moths—
they all remained suspended
awaiting for my next command.

Amazed by the sudden change that intervened,
I brought my hands to my chest,
in an attempt to tame my wild heart.

"Oho~ So now you get it~"

The man spoke first.


The cat left out a sigh.


Before I even got the chance to continue my
question, the man snapped his fingers
and everything disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"is happening? is what you want to ask?"

As he spoke, his lips curled upwards
into a scary grin.

Sigh. "This is a dream, you stupid girl."
The cat explained.

"We don't exist, is what you're thinking, right?"

The man drew closer,
leaving the bleeding cat behind.

                                   that is wrong."

Amber eyes looked at me in terror,
as the man clasped my chin with his right hand
raising it up,
bringing it closer to his face.

"You gave us birth from your own fears
and  anxiety, Serena. You've made us stronger
than you could ever imagine. You've granted us
a wish not many do."


In one last attempt, the marvellous black cat
darted towards the man. "Let her return!"

"Oh, but I've been so lonely for so many years
and now she's mine. She promised so."

The man replied. "Now off. Begone."
And in a moment's desperation, he flicked the cat

And with that,
my breath was cut,
my heart had stopped.

Slowly, tears came tumbling down
into a hurricane.

"Hush now. You're mine; you've made the choice,
now come along."

As he spoke, he grabbed my hand and pulled me after him,
right past the fading body dyed in red.


                                                                    ♠ ♠ ♠

[A/N] Hello my dear ones. I'm sorry for the lack of updates yesterday. So in hopes I'll be forgiven, I've baked a longer chapter just for you today (hope that at this point the song at the top is still playing ROFL; I actually picked it while writing this note lololololol). Oh and I hope the story makes more sense now and that everything's easier to comprehend. I wonder what you all think of the story so far—hmmm... if you have any suggestions or complaints... (I am well aware you'll start throwing bricks at me at this point lolololol. So not sorry. -Shivers- Uh-- I can somehow feel the cat glaring at me from behind. Okay, maybe I am sorry. Just don't kill me, alright?)

     Ugh, still as awkward as ever when it comes to making these notes.
                                                            Cry cry.

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