Through the Forest of Dreams

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I was afraid, for I did not know
what was to come; I did not know
if it had changed
at all.

"They are coming..."

I was frozen,
paralysed in fear,


stuck in the same place for way too many seconds.
I felt trapped.
Unable to do anything—

"to save yourself."

The voices whispered
all at the same time,
overlapping one another.

Everything was the same.
Nothing changed.

my feet started to move on their own;
my eyes opened and a valley of lilies
met my gaze.

They sparkled in the heavenly light,


I took a few more steps towards the edge—

"All... lies..."

as another whisper followed.

Everything felt like a hurricane,
a mixture of feelings washing over me,
ready to explode with every footprint
left behind. It all felt terrifying,
terrifying but...


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