Fleeting Butterfly

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My footprints disappeared behind my
small figure and with my every pace
my contour dimmed.

I felt as if I was walking on ice,
slowly slipping down a slope,
spiraling through a vibrant maze
of white.

My feet grew cold,
and my hands too.

In the cool breeze,
I continued to walk.

I walked

  and walked

           and walked

until ice-cold encapsulated
my entire body.

Unable to blink,
I waited to be saved.

Stuck in a place
I did not know,

unaware of the changes
produced within me,

I waited.

I waited for my saviour,
the owner of the voice
that called my name.

"Ah, here comes another."

A deep voice haunted the lonesome deserts
around me.

"Come. Follow me."

Between the shivers
showering my spine
I followed the black
mysterious creature
in front of me

without a word.

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